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Talkback, what online readers are saying about …

… Industry to set up shop next to Summit shopping center.

I think they need to stop turning everything into a concrete jungle. Traffic is already bad enough and now you want to add on to it. It’s not only that too many stores will just look trashy. Re-do the Salisbury Mall if to add stores. That building is going to waste.

— Vanessa Jane

We definitely need more industry in the area with better pay to help growth within the county.

— Tammy Lynn  Walser

… Fulton Heights divided over vacant home

A responsibility occupied house would be better than an empty lot, especially if there is a concern about drugs.

— Melissa Eller

The foundation does not have endless dollars to take on every neglected property in town. Aside from that critical point, there is a process for acquiring someone else’s property. As Steve Cobb noted, over 120 properties have been saved by Historic Salisbury Foundation since its formation in 1972. Many of these properties weren’t easily acquired either. Tearing down homes is never a good solution for solving neighborhood problems.

— Barbara Broadbent Sorel

It is easy for us to pass judgment when we don’t live in the neighborhood, but saving homes with historic value is something that would enhance the area. Let’s hope the home can be saved and a caring family can restore the beauty that it once had.

— Becky Fortson Wood

It can take years to get through the legal tape to take ownership and possession of a home especially when it has multiple heirs, liens and back taxes.

Couple that with tracking down the owners, many of whom inherited properties from out-of-state relatives, and it gets complicated fast.

It took the better part of six years to save 10 houses from the 700-900 block of South Jackson Street.

— Elysia Demers

… Superintendent Lynn Moody talks RSS changes

Superintendent Lynn Moody’s comments are more than confusing. Why is she talking about Common Core standards? The N.C. legislature voted in 2014 to replace Common Core with North Carolina standards. The new N.C. standards were adopted in 2017.

— Karen Bowyer

Being able to pay bills and getting to work on time are important, but the nonchalance toward standardized tests is also concerning.

My son wants to go to CalTech. Schools like that won’t care if he knows how to iron a dress shirt. They want solid academic education and the test scores to show it. I am not a fan of standardized testing, but we address that problem from the legislative level. We don’t punish students by dumping their test score prospects when it is still the main measure of achievement in academic circles.

— Karen Franks

One must first be hired before one can be fired for who they are. Simply mastering life skills does not get ones foot in the door. An exemplary education, however, has a proven track record of providing employment.

— Barry Douglas  Robinson

State closes Thelma’s for nonpayment of taxes…

I’m going to miss their greens and pinto beans. Good luck in the future, Thelma.

— Jim Roberson

Eighth-graders mentor first-graders in North Rowan

This is a fantastic way to build community, foster writing skills and empathy.

— Christa Tinari

… In schools, we continue to accept failure

I am one of those teachers who recently said “I’ve had it” and resigned from the district. Your words ring true. Though, I can tell you very few thought of me as an excellent educator in the district. I have kids in Davidson County Schools, and some of the work they are asked to do at the elementary and middle school level exceeds some of what I have seen at the high school level in Rowan-Salisbury Schools.

— James Bucky Carter

I agree that the comments by Superintendent Lynn Moody are smoke and mirrors. She or someone on her staff should have been able to walk and chew gum as their proposal was presented.

To think otherwise is derelict and a wanton disregard for the students/parents.

The system is failing the Students and it is time for a change in Administration.

— Chris Sharpe

… Rowan can’t forget about 2019 ballot

Citizens need to vote. It is their right. Many have died to uphold the right to vote.

You need to have a say in your future and your children’s future. It matters how you vote but it matters more that you vote.

— George W. Benson

  David Hord rushes to hospital for symptoms …

Rowan County has a lot of good people. David Hord is one of the great ones. I’m happy you made the right decision.

— Dale Snyder

Ask us: By how much has RSS population declined?

Rather than stating that certain high schools have lost students while others have grown, I’m interested in knowing the number of high-school-aged students in each specific school district and how many of those students attend the high school in their assigned district.

— Chris Shoaf

Women give powerful testimonies for Capstone …

These women gave powerful testimonies. They are living proof anyone can come out of addiction with the right counseling and tools. Capstone is a blessing to our community.

— Jackie Harris

Two people found passed out in Food Lion parking lot …

Sometimes, since I drive a lot for work, I get super sleepy and need to catch a power nap once in awhile.

But I’m scared to now so many druggies pass out all the time. I’m afraid I’ll be catching a snooze and next thing I know a cop will be knocking on my window and scaring me to death and then insisting he needs to search my car because I’m “acting nervous.”

— Charlie Brown

Black History Month: Chantel Johnson draws inspiration …

So proud of your ability and willingness to carry on such an important legacy.

Many young people have never heard of or been taught this rich part of history. Carry on, young sister! This will encourage many others!

— Zenobia L. Silas-Carson



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