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School board hits pause on North Rowan High closure

The article doesn’t quite do justice to what was said.

The board members were told by their lawyer that they couldn’t hold future boards to whatever they decided, which, at the time, was a minimum of five years after redistricting and then take a look at school population for all schools.

With the timetable for redistricting, it will still take five years before it can be determined which, if any, high schools should be closed. If the system caps enrollment at 80 percent and allowed students within the school zone to push it higher, then it can work.

— Theo Flemming

… Spalding receives top honors …

The article says a lot about her accomplishments but only touches on the surface. She’s the best thing that’s happened for our counties, the state and, more importantly, the students.

— Ray Paradowski

… Video of students captures nation at breaking point

The facial expressions and body languages of the white MAGA-hat-wearing high school boy and his classmates and the “Black Hebrew Israelites” compelled me to reflect upon some of the bad experiences I suffered in the past. I saw the same look on their faces as the white mob that nearly beat my grandfather to death for registering voters.

— Reginald Brown

Heggins attends U.S. Conference of Mayors winter meeting

Decreasing the commute time between Raleigh and Charlotte to 22 minutes is quite an ambitious goal. I hope to read more about the transportation initiatives from the conference.

— Jeff Morris

Cokie and Steven Roberts: Let my people stay

The United States was built on immigration, beginning with those immigrants who overtook and severely mistreated the Native Americans. I cannot understand nor believe how cruelly this administration handles immigrants and those seeking asylum when their ancestors come from the same stock.

— Pat Bullard

UNC system president wants no return of Confederate statue

My great-grandfather is turning over in his grave. Those who destroyed the statue should be in prison. Thousands of Southerners lost their lives in President Abraham Lincoln’s war on the South. I hate to see N.C. fall to the liberals.

— Marvin Goodpickle

… Tough choices await for Rowan-Salisbury Schools in 2019

A reminder to readers that school board members are elected and can be replaced, that contracts for superintendents can be broken or bought out and that, if the North Rowan High community wants to improve its situation regarding education, it is most likely going to have to do it on its own.

— James Bucky Carter

In the upcoming redistricting fight, don’t be convinced it all falls on the board’s shoulders. The same forces that leveraged previous boards to district away from North in the past will likely come in guns blazing once again.

This board is just the unfortunate recipient of a mess caused by decades of kicking the can down the road from redistricting processes and deferred maintenance. They’re wanting to do something about it, be it through consolidation or redistricting.

— Eric Shock

… RSS may need leadership changes

I think the last paragraph stating that local towns should pull out of Rowan-Salisbury Schools is the perfect solution. Our leadership is failing and our kids are not being prepared to go to the workforce or college.

— Kyle J. Huffman

This will happen only when the RSS board members understand Superintendent Lynn Moody works for them, not the other way around. I also saw where China Grove will not pass a resolution like other communities have. They seem to be in total agreement with the new plan.

— Larry Kent Neal Jr.

Letter: Clyde is fighting the inevitable

I see, even before the “Equity Commission” the mayor wants so badly is established, you folks are already warming up its motor.

This is exactly why we don’t need an “Equity Commission” packed with those who determine and dictate to the citizens of Rowan County what they “feel” is right, wrong or what is considered racist or homophobic in their opinion as well as who has “white privilege.”

— Vera Cope

… Rep. Hudson should voice funding concerns

The wall needs to be built. Use military funds if Congress won’t come to an agreement. Dylan Frick states that we need to find a solution to keep drugs and crime out of our communities. Building the wall is the first step in achieving that goal.

— Mark Gravitte

Board approves renewal plan for Knox

After reading this article, is seems that the Knox renewal plan only addresses raising teacher salaries. What were the other aspects of the plan they submitted that Travis Allen suggested be incorporated as a standard at other schools?

— Susan Faggart

Planning board approves second Dollar General …

This is ridiculous. We have a Dollar General two miles away in Rockwell along with a Family Dollar. There’s another one at Carson High. Exactly why do we need one here? Are they planning on putting in a traffic light to help with the already terrible traffic and many wrecks that exist already? Dollar General will create nine jobs; wow. They will be low-paying jobs that don’t amount to much.

— Tina Blakely

Obviously the Planning Board members did not really care what the local residents and business owners think. They are going to do what they want when they “see” and “hear” money. This is already a very busy and dangerous intersection and not a good place for a store of this type.

— Marsha W. Beaver

Rowan County commissioners should look at the mess putting a Dollar General on N.C. 150, too close to the Sherrill’s Ford Road and Rowan Mill Road intersection, has caused because of left turns going toward Salisbury.

— Gail Angira Poulton

Dollar General prefers poor, rural, country areas, according to its own attorney. I prefer the rural, country areas left alone. If I wanted to live in the city I would. They are a cancer in any community they go in.

— Larry Thomas

Give the Planning Board a break. There are restrictions as to what they can and cannot consider. It is not easy to make an decision when the popular choice would not comply with the law or the limitations of an appointed office.

— Luke Hamaty



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