Landis passes on $3.9 million greenway project

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 8, 2019

By Liz Moomey

LANDIS — Despite expressing disappointment about the matter, the Landis Board of Alderman decided Monday not to go forward with the Grant’s Creek Greenway project, which was estimated to cost $3.9 million.

During the meeting, members discussed a lack of funds available to go through with greenway project, which would connect West Ryder Avenue to west of Kimball Road.

“I don’t feel like the town is going to be able to take on anymore debt at this time. I hate that,” Town manager Reed Linn said. “This is a project I feel very strongly about, as I’ve said previously. I do not recommend us moving forward with that project at this time.”

Mayor Mike Mahaley echoed Linn’s sentiments.

“It’s sad to me because like I said I looked forward to it for many years, but I don’t even know if I could get the votes tonight or not to support this,” Mahaley said. “We absolutely cannot afford this.”

He added the $3.9 million was also an estimate. The final price could end up being more money than expected.

In other business:

• The board also discussed a notice of deficiency from the state’s Department Environmental Quality regarding Landis Lake Dam and Lake Corriher Dam. The notice stated a need to repair the dams.

The board asked about the cost to repair. Linn said, since the town has been approved to receive FEMA funds, there would be a reimbursement from his understanding. 

• Linn told the aldermen the town was denied a transfer of USDA funds from a water improvement project to sewer improvement project.

The town initially wanted to use bonds to improve its water system. However, after increased growth, it decided to pursue an updated sewer system instead, with the idea that the USDA funding could be transferred to a sewer project. 

Linn asked if the board wanted to release the funds or hold it for 12 months to figure out a water project to use the money for. He said it was unlikely Landis would have a water project ready in that time.

The board agreed to release the funds. Linn said he would look for funds specifically for the sewer project from the USDA.

• Alderman Tommy Garver spoke about the I-85-Old Beatty Ford interchange project. At a previous meeting, a citizen said the town missed an opportunity to be included in the project. Garver explained over the last several years he and other town leaders have met with Rowan County officials and, now, Kannapolis to be included.

“Mayor Mike and I have met with Kannapolis mayor several times hoping to carve out some part that we could play in that project,” Garver said. “There are some things I can’t talk about yet, but there are things we’re still trying to still be a partner in some way. That’s where it stands and I wanted you to know we’ve been really involved and we weren’t sitting around hoping something would happen.”

• The board passed a proclamation regarding Rowan-Salisbury School System consolidation talks.

A portion of the proclamation stated, “I, Mike Mahaley, Mayor of Landis, do hereby proclaim that the Town of Landis; supports maintaining our existing schools; acknowledges the Rowan-Salisbury School System’s need to provide educational facilities in an efficient manner; and invites the Board of Education to work collaboratively with the Town of Landis to identify solutions that meet our respective responsibilities while benefitting our community.”