Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 4, 2019

Overton Elementary students get a Christmas surprise

Amazing! Keep up the good work. Alumni of Overton would certainly make donations because of the great memories made there. Thanks for the uplifting story.

— Margaret            Heitman Collins

Former police Officer L.C. Underwood …
dies in prison

Victor Gunnarsson was not Catherine Miller’s boyfriend. He was her daughter’s boyfriend. Also, Mrs. Miller’s daughter was always referred to as Kay.

— Brenda Goodman

Mean Mug pays it forward while
serving coffee

Please pay them and pay them the same hourly rate that your regular employees make.

— Wendy Gee

Rowan County legislators reflect     on vetoes

As usual, Warren and Ford remain mum on the fact that the GOP is stealing democracy away from the people of Rowan County. The GOP goes as far as trying to steal the fraudulent election in the 9th Congressional District. Maybe now there will be negotiation in the N.C. General
Assembly. Democracy will survive in America, even in Rowan.

— George W Benson

2018 Newsmaker of the Year: Rowan-Salisbury Schools

Looking to the new West Rowan Elementary as a model? North Rowan High won’t get a new school to look forward to.

— Jamie Wilson

Moving Day: Teachers move into new West Rowan Elementary

I hate this. There will be too many children for personal attention. They will get lost in the sea of bodies. We fought this years ago, and it is still a mistake. I hope the school board is through wasting the taxpayers’ money on monuments to themselves.

— Mary Webb Taylor

Please tell me that the roof is not leaking.

— Mary Christie Himes

Rowan Helping Ministries seeks volunteers

I’m afraid I have to disagree with Ms. Grubb. What better way is there to teach people how to live on their own than to fix their own meals, do their own laundry and help around the shelter? I, among millions of other people, do this every day on top of doing our jobs.

— Jennifer J.             Doering

Commissioners chairman discusses 2018 accomplishments

Our county’s leadership is to be applauded for focusing on job growth and economic development. Great job.

— Jeff Morris

Craig Pierce, I appreciate your vision and seeing this water and sewer project through. No one spoke about water and sewer until you did.

— Chris Sifford

Cokie and Steven Roberts: The word        of the year

The real problem stems from income inequality. With the Reagan presidency began the process of giving big tax cuts to the wealthy with the thought that trickle-down economics works. It has never worked, and now those in the middle and the bottom income levels have been squeezed out at the expense of giving the wealthiest hefty tax cuts and excessive wealth. We need to return to, at least, Eisenhower Republicanism if there is to be Republican government. Tax the wealthy and corporations.

— Pat Bullard

10 to Watch in 2019: Kameron Marlowe

We are so excited for him and look forward to following his journey into stardom. Good luck, Kameron. We are here supporting your journey. You deserve it.

— Laurie Deal Wilson

Mayor Heggins to NAACP: ‘The power lies with the masses’

Thank you, Al Heggins, for being our mayor, speaking the truth and reaching out to unify our beloved city. Together we can make it work.

— Edward Norvell

Lawmakers override veto of North Carolina elections bill

Gov. Roy Cooper gets overridden on legislation that could keep campaign finance violations secret. Our courts are open but apparently not our legislature. Since Ford, McInnis and Warren supported the veto, I guess we should start asking, “What do they have to hide?”

— Eric Marsh

Albemarle man charged with stealing Cub Scout trailer

Sixty years is not long enough for this guy. He is a menace with an extensive record. He keeps making bond and getting out to commit more crimes, over and over.

— Alice Crump Carlis

Susan Shinn Turner: Good dog, Shooter

Some dumb people say dogs don’t have feelings or sense things like we do. Yeah. Shooter was trying his very best to save you both and himself from a house fire. Dogs love us so much and only ask for love and food in return. My dog is a dalmation/boxer mix named Peaches. I say, “Good boy Shooter,” and give him a big hug and kiss from us.

— Margaret Keys

Colin Campbell: Cooper sits at crossroads

It’s interesting that when Democrats start to rise in power, we see a whole slew of articles cautioning them to work and compromise with the GOP, as if the Republicans went out of their way to reach across the aisle the last few years of their majorities.

— Chris Coleman

Letter: Don’t rush to tear down buildings

We already have the seed for this experience at our local high schools — masonry programs, cabinet-making programs and health sciences. Our local high schools are working to offer academies that all would fit in perfectly with a dedicated vocational high school. And we have programs at RCCC that build and complement those programs.

Admittedly, this is where issues begin.

Would our area high schools be willing to give up their academies and existing vocational programs (along with their students) as they’re transferred to the vocational school?

Would RCCC partner with RSS on a vocational high school or see it as competition? Then, we come back to the overall question: What is more important?

— Eric Shock