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Published 10:12 am Friday, December 28, 2018

My Turn, Ella Jones: Save our school

Ella, you are well educated beyond your years already. You most definitely have the blood of Cavalier nation running through your veins. You see the future of the Spencer/East Spencer area as well in the seventh grade as I do, and I was in the Class of ’76. I believe there is a saying that goes something like, “And a little child shall lead them.”You most definitely fit that mold. Stay Cavalier strong and you will most definitely have the backing of the rest of us.

— Michael Hawkins

Ella, I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing you, but thank you, Ella for a wonderful statement about the “real North Rowan.” I hope every school board listens to this wise girl.

— Lora Owen

Thank you, Ella, for standing tall and speaking up. If a child can see how wrong the school board’s proposal is, perhaps you can open the eyes of those who profess to be wise.

— Cynthia M. Sloan-Bailey

Cal Thomas: This time it’s the Boy Scouts

What a jaded, pessimistic view.

The changes the organization recently made had zero to do with abuse that happened decades ago. The cry has been to strengthen the family, and scouting has embraced and enhanced its role in doing just that. When families participate together, the environment becomes safer for our kids.

Ash heap? No way! The resolve of scouting’s volunteers, staff and chartered partners is great. All great institutions face challenges. Scouting will rise to this one.

— Rob Hofmann

… Surprise daughter of late Sonya Dalton with Christmas presents

This warms my soul to see, and I know that, in hard times, there is still love out here.

— Michael Davis

Inspiring, impactful and life changing for everyone.

— Tangy Hubbard Roseborough

Letter: Many white people feel far from ‘privileged’

Thank you for this important understanding of “white privilege.” It is a privilege that we whites own but may not be able to exercise within the white community. Nevertheless, it is automatically exercised when we function in society at large. Thus, it is only with a consciousness of that privilege, when it is in play, and particularly when it is in play to the detriment of some other group or individuals, that we whites can affect the changes that create space for people of color to function with and within the same possibilities and opportunities that whites have in a white-dominant society.

— Whitney Peckman

I agree with the title.

The term “white privilege” is never used by whites and most are offended by it, especially hardworking, poor whites with little education but a lot of common sense.

— Tim Foster

… Sorority gives to honor late member

Thank you all for keeping mom’s memory alive. Thank you, Penny, for the kind words.

We love you all.

— Keith Rogers

Editorial: Rowan’s greatest needs are closely related

You would do more good by educating people who say there is a stigma to mental health issues than by repeating them.

— Harold Maio

… Mean Mug pays it forward while serving coffee

A business with a life-giving mission. Can’t wait to visit Mean Mug’s new location.

— Anthony Smith

Cal Thomas: It’s time to get tough on criminal justice reform

With 33 years employment in the N.C. prison system, I watched the pendulum swing back and forth. Prison reform has come and gone for a number of reasons in this state. Sometimes, it was a result of prison overcrowding, but a new “kinder” generation usually decides our laws are too hard on the convicted. Every time “prison reform” was enacted, the pendulum swung left, and the crime rate went up on our streets. After a few years of citizens being preyed upon and demanding the state protect them, as it should, the pendulum swings right and stricter laws and longer sentences are enacted.

This is just another swing in the pendulum, but it’s on the federal level. North Carolina citizens should not follow in the federal government’s footsteps and do this for the “umpteenth” time in N.C.

— Vera Cope

Spencer neighbors to bid farewell to community advocate

Never was there a soul that was more kind, cheerful and friendly than our beloved Tommy Stoner. There were times that my car did not need washing but I stopped in and paid for a wash just to see his smile. We will miss the man that never met a stranger and always had a smile for everyone.

— Billie Kline

Susan Shinn: The tradition of the envelopes

I remember those envelopes at Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s house, too. Such great memories of those wonderful Christmas when we were kids. Being the first grandchild, I should have asked what I got the first Christmas.

— Janie Wilder

… South’s Withers is Principal of the Year for the second time

Mrs. (Kelly) Withers is awesome. I had only been working at South a month when my father died. I looked up during the funeral, and Mrs. Withers was there. She cares deeply about the students and staff.

— Joe Harris

My Turn, Allen Hicks: Walk in our shoes at North Rowan

As far as declining enrollment, it is self-fulfilling prophecy by the school system. North Rowan is the only high school without a specialized academy. The result is North loses students to other high schools because of their academies but gets none back due to not having an academy. Rowan County is one of the few counties who don’t redistrict unless they open a new school and then only slightly.

— Theo Flemming

I don’t think the school board “wants” to close North Rowan, but it is faced with steadily declining enrollment, down to 541 students at this point. It is inefficient financially to run a high school this small, and it is becoming difficult to offer the same range of classes to the remaining students that they offer to the students at the five larger high schools.

— Doug Sokolowski