Lynna Clark: The star

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 22, 2018

Lynna Clark

I first spotted it early one morning in November. The brightest star I’ve ever seen hung so low in the eastern sky I wondered if it was some sort of manmade object. And it twinkled.

I stood gazing out the bedroom window into the dark until finally I went back to bed. I could hardly look away. Was it some sort of Christmas star?

The next day I did what any inquiring mind would do and Googled it. The star’s name is Sirius. You can locate it by finding the three stars lined up to make Orion’s belt then follow the line from there to about halfway to the horizon. On a clear night you can’t miss it. Since I have a bladder the size of a jellybean, I get up every few hours anyway. And I always look outside. I don’t know why. I also wonder why our vital organs don’t just naturally grow in proportion to our outer parts, like hips for instance. If that were the case I would have certainly missed the star. Annyyywayyy… that star is absolutely beautiful.

I feel sad for all the common folks with big bladders who haven’t seen it. They probably sleep all night long, resting all willy-nilly like there’s nothing to look at outside.

It’s a lot like Christmas. We scurry along getting everything done in time for the big day and somehow miss the main event because our brains are so tired.

There is a wonderful God Who loves us so much that His Son was given. The brightest, most beautiful light was sent to a crooked and broken world.

Have you missed it?

There’s still time.

Around four a.m. til approximately six in the morning, look out the window toward the east. You’ll be amazed!

If God would provide such a lovely star simply for our pleasure, surely the gift of His Son is worthy of our attention.

He’s beautiful!

Take a moment to get to know Him this Christmas.

Lynna lives in Salisbury. Her special Christmas story, “A Son is Given,” can be found at

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