Rowan County’s bright side: Electric Elf suggests holiday displays to bring cheer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 19, 2018

SALISBURY — If you’re like many, you may still be feeling the effects of losing daylight saving time some weeks later.

The kids are up early. The commute home is in the dark.

Fortunately, the Salisbury Post Electric Elf is here to offer a bright side — or not so bright, depending on your perspective. Extra and early hours under the shade of darkness offer all the more time to enjoy Rowan County’s bountiful collection of festive holiday displays.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve compiled a list of your suggestions and mapped out three routes for the viewing.

Travel Route No. 1 is for this year’s newest crowd favorites, ranging from the whimsical to the classic.

Route No. 2 follows a path of synchronized light shows, destinations that will take some time to stop, listen and enjoy.

For a bonus, revisit three favorites from last year’s list on Route No. 3, recommendations we receive again and again.

Route No. 1 — New destinations

  • “Fra-gee-lay,” 310 Sowers Ferry Road

In a nod to the timeless holiday classic “A Christmas Story,” this home is decked out with a larger-than-life version of Old Man Parker’s major award. Look up and enjoy this festive, “fragile” homage. Must be Italian!

  • Classic greenery, 406 Oakwood Drive, Spencer

Arcs of real greenery are braided with white lights and red ribbon for a bright, classic display on this stately Spencer home. The display is complemented with wreaths, candles and a lighted walkway, making it one you don’t want to miss.

  • The vintage sea, 370 William Drive

If you have a heart for vintage holiday blow molds, this collection is one for the viewing. A full nativity scene, angels, snowmen, Snoopy, nutcrackers and more — this yard has it all, from one end to the other.

  • Red on green on white, 323 N. Salisbury GQ Ave.

Red bows dress up garland and wreaths for a classic holiday palette on this charming home, set off with a sleigh and reindeer at either end.

  • The Holiday House, 207 N. Kayla Drive, Granite Quarry

Known among neighbors as the “Holiday House,” this Forestbrook home has a doorway framed in lighted greenery and shiny red ornaments, a brightly decorated garage and a grand tree on display from a second-story window. It’s postcard perfect.

  • Festive, favorite things, 606 W. Peeler St.

The porch display features a stack of brightly wrapped packages and a window adorned with an array of ornaments. Pinterest-worthy.

  • Trees galore and so much more, 311 W. Third St., Faith

Electrical trees of all shapes and sizes adorn the yard from one end to the other. Cones, spirals and cutouts are interspersed with festive, wire-framed pieces.

Route No. 2 — Dancing lights

  • Surprise spectacular, 107 Sycamore Road

Tucked in a back neighborhood, this house features a light show with its own spin. Holiday classics are punctuated with other musical favorites like “Dueling Banjos” in a way that’s sure to keep you on your toes. Tune to 102.7 FM to listen along.

  • Snowman sing-a-long, 150 Corriher Gravel Road, China Grove

Kool the snowman and his computerized friend Rupert lead a twice-hourly show nightly from 6 to 10 on weekdays and 6 to 11 on weekends. Park across the road at the trucking gate entrance and tune to 107.3 FM to enjoy the fun. Watch out for the grass fairies.

  • Singing Christmas tree, 123 Yost Farm Road

Pull up and tune your radio to 89.7 FM to watch a lip-syncing Christmas tree and its taller, grander sibling put on a synchronized spectacular that’s sure to impress.

  • Christmas dance party, 1112 Choate Road

A yard full of Christmas lights dances to pop Christmas hits — with a few dance remixes of some holiday classics thrown in. Roll down the window to listen — just be sure to bundle up.

Route No. 3 — Community favorites

  • A holly-jolly hodgepodge, 201 Gallarie Place

From cut-outs and blow-ups to a laser show and horse and sleigh, this house has a little bit of everything and in no short supply. Interspersed are beloved characters Sven, Olaf and Snoopy, meaning this one is sure to be a kid-pleaser.

  • A merry medley, 818 Newsome Road

This display is even visible through Google maps. With spiral trees, polar bears, Santas, candy canes, a manger scene and lights galore, it’s straight out of Whoville, and it’s no surprise it was recommended once more.

  • Two-for-one display, 748 and 760 Brown Acres Road

Neighbors combine their lawns with strands of large-bulb lights for a little friendly competition. Whose is bigger or better? It’s up to you and yours to decide.