Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 16, 2018

1. Scotch-Irish Fire Department member Dustin Newton and his wife, Michelle, lost most of their belongings and their home was heavily damaged by a fire last Sunday morning. How did the couple and their dog manage to escape the home without being injured?

A. Doug and Michelle each had a fire extinguisher and used them to clear a path to the front door

B. Doug used a fire ax in the kitchen to chop through a closet and exit through a wall to the outside

C. They wrapped themselves up in insulation from a remodeling job and walked out through the burning kitchen to the carport

D. They opened their bedroom window, removed a screen and climbed out

2. Last week’s first winter storm of the season led to how many missed days for students of Rowan-Salisbury Schools?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

3. This past Monday marked the opening of a new store in China Grove. What was it?

A. A Food Lion

B. A Walgreens

C. A Dollar General


4. What happened this past Tuesday when the Spencer Board of Aldermen voted on naming a replacement for Kevin Jones, who had resigned as alderman because of his election to the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education?

A. No appointment was made, though there was considerable discussion

B. The board appointed Howard White to fill out Jones’ unexpired term.

C. The board appointed Jonathan Williams

D. The board appointed Rashid Mohammed

5. A citizens group which is forming to fight a proposal for the closing and demolition of North Rowan High has discussed various social media strategies, including the incorporation of which of the following hashtags?

A. #CavalierPride

B. #SaveNorthRowan

C. #CavsSayNo

D. #NorthRowanForever

6. Once airborne, the helicopter for Novant Health Rowan Medical Center’s air medic program can get to a hospital in Winston-Salem in what amount of time?

A. Nine minutes

B. 13 minutes

C. 19 minutes

D. 23 minutes

7. A team working on behalf of the Salisbury Community Appearance Commission reviewed 45 seasonal displays created by downtown businesses. Which business won the “Best Overall” award?

A. Caniche

B. South Main Book Company

C. Maison Monroe

D. Southern Sass

8. Zippia, a website dedicated to helping people find and pursue the right career, ranks Catawba College as the No. 3 college in North Carolina for what major?

A. Theater

B. Music

C. Sports management

D. Environmental science

9. Ryleigh and Stryker Edwards of China Grove recently won a national first-place award in the children’s division for something they made. What was it?

A. A gingerbread owl

B. A pineapple squirrel

C. An apple rhinoceros

D. A peppermint zebra

10. Anna Blume, a senior athlete at South Rowan High, has committed to play college softball at what university?

A. Coastal Carolina

B. Clemson

C. University of North Carolina at Wilmington

D. Lenoir-Rhyne


1. D.
2. C.
3. C.
4. A.
5. B.
6. B.
7. C.
8. B.
9. A.
10. D.