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Published 12:30 am Friday, December 7, 2018

… Scott Maddox: School status quo has to change, but not so fast

The first thing I said was how is closing North Rowan going to affect the town in which I was raised and now live in as an adult?

… This could be the death of our town. We are trying to get promote our town so that people of all ages will want to purchase the beautiful, old, historical homes and refurbish them and give them new life, but how can we do that when there is not a high school for students? Schools are a huge determining factor when families buy homes.

I graduated from North along with my two siblings, my parents, cousins and uncles. It would be a shame to rip our high school from our history while the rest of the county has their own high schools … 

We are a proud community that rallies together in the face of diversity, so don’t think for a second that we are giving up.  My mother used to say that if you were to cut me, that my blood would run green and gold. Once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier!

— Laurie Deal Wilson

Thanks, Mr. Maddox, for being the voice of reason.

— Cynthia Sloan-Bailey

Thank you for this very informative article. I, for one, am opposed to closing North Rowan, and totally agree how this action would devastate this community. Changes in RSS are needed, but we must consider what’s best for all. Not just a quick, expensive fix. Please attend these community meetings and let’s work for what will benefit us all.

— Sylvia Bailey

North should become the tech school. Why not make the K-8 in the same area it is in now? The only open land by Salisbury High is behind Harris Teeter, but that belongs to Livingstone.

— Kristin Stauffer

I wouldn’t be in favor of North being the tech school if that meant the current students still had to be displaced to other schools. If it was something that could be combined into North to be able to bring numbers up and possibly make it where the school could get some actual funds to help with improvements and supplies, then that would be great.

It’s not only the fact of the building being wasted, it’s the factor of taking the legacy of families raising their children as Cavaliers. I know that doesn’t mean something to everyone, but for the Spencer community it means a lot.

— Veronica Myers

Wow. On target, Scott. I agree with every aspect of your comments. Additionally, the resale of homes or real estate in general would be highly affected.

— Ann Measmer


Cindy Coleman takes notes during the discussion of the school consolidation plan. Jon C. Lakey/Salisbury Post

…Rowan-Salisbury School System begins gathering input on consolidation plan

If people want their voices heard, they need to show up to these meetings. I saw on the news there was a low turnout for the first meeting. You want to let them know how you feel? Go to all the meetings, not just one.

— Martha Barbee

  Some see consolidation plan as right path for schools

Is it just me, or are the only people I see that think this may be a good idea also school employees? Hmmm, a little fishy? Maybe people that are only citizens were complimentary as well, but I’m missing it.

— Theo Flemming

Looks like they’re using the Delphi method to get local citizens to agree with the school board.

— Donna Poteat

…. Participants in election process meeting note need for more voices

As someone who has attended every meeting until last night, I can tell you, it is the same thing over and over. Now a couple of new people have come back out of the woodwork because it is council election season. 

Four basic questions: 

• Mayoral election? Yes or No

• How many council members? 5 or 7

• Term Length? 2 or 4

• Staggered terms? Yes or No

Shouldn’t take a year to get this before the citizens.

— George Benson

Let the mayor be elected by the candidate with the most votes and leave the non-partisan council members as is. The candidate with the second highest number of votes should be the mayor pro tem. I do not understand why there needs to be a change in the format of our council management form of government.

— Reginald Brown

… Letter: Marijuana madness

Virginia, your commentary as well as the cartoon are just more silly reefer madness nonsense.

California legalized “medical cannabis” way back in 1996, over 22 years ago. In truth, “recreational” consumers never had trouble getting a cannabis card and have been able to obtain herb easily the entire time. …

Over 22 years of cannabis legalization and, lo and behold, California is by far the largest economic engine in the U.S. and just went from the 6th largest economy to the 5th largest economy in the world. California leads the planet in aerospace, high technology, agriculture, video and musical entertainment media and tourism. We host headquarters for numerous international corporate giants ….

The madness is over. Legalize, regulate and tax recreational cannabis.

— Ben James Yokel

… John Hood: Silent Sam to get a fort

“use violence”

“violent protesters”

“masked anarchists with ropes and torches”

Gosh, I’m surprised UNC didn’t have to call in the National Guard, what with these violent anarchists violently anarching with violent weapons of anarchy.

Did they ever get all of the spilled blood mopped up? What’s that? There were no injuries, and only one arrest? But Mr. Hood’s column made it sound like “The Taking of Pelham 123.”

“They should have peacefully requested the statue’s removal,” he whines. They did. Multiple times. …

The students asked. They were ignored.

The students demanded. They were ignored.

The students acted. You’re paying attention now, aren’t you?

— Chris Coleman

.. Letter: Ready for some Army-Navy football

Of note, local product Sandon McCoy (A.L. Brown, Southeast Middle) wears No. 17 for Army.

— Eric Shock

Randy and Pam Elium are retiring from James River Equipment. Photo by Jon C. Lakey, Salisbury Post


… Deere-ly beloved: Eliums retire from James River

Great article, but you left out the role of Billy Ryburn in the mix. He also was a great part of making the business what it is. Congratulations on the retirement. Wish you the best.

— Billie Kline

… Darrell Harwood presents $40,000 check to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Darrell and Karen are awesome people. They do much more for needs in the area also. They are always recognizing and rising to the needs of others. Thank you, DH and Karen, for all you do.

— Michael Brotherton

… Mary James: In praise of truly independent media

Brava to two outstanding journalists who dare to always speak the truth — Elizabeth Cook and Mary Miller James.

— Rachel Oestreicher Bernheim