Letter: Consolidation plan would be too much, too fast

Published 7:10 am Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I totally agree with everything that Scott Maddox said in his article in Sunday’s paper (“School status quo has to change, but not so fast.”) We are in the beginning of a renewal process in our schools to try and improve test scores. Teachers are being asked to significantly change methods, times, schedules and that is rightly expected, but to start into a whole major discussion about changes in the lives of every family with children in this county doesn’t seem timely.

I truly believe that Knox needs to be replaced as soon as possible, but I hate to see that as part of an entire shake up in the system because we all know how long that is going to take. Let’s consider taking the replacement of Knox out of the equation discussed, do it first ASAP and put a hold on everything else to see what happens with the “renewal schools” idea.

Too much too fast. Consolation may have to occur, but bigger is not always better, as many of us feel. Old “Salisbury City” teachers will understand what I am saying.

— Lea Silverburg