Christmas Trees 101

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 2, 2018

Black Friday is the kick-off day not only a key day for Christmas shopping but also for Christmas trees sales. Christmas tree stands are scattered throughout the county with beautiful green trees needing a home for Christmas. Below are a few tips on selecting our classic holiday favorite.

• North Carolina is second only to Oregon in Christmas tree production in the United States.

• Fraser firs comprise 90 percent of all Christmas trees grown in North Carolina — 50 million trees on 25,000 acres.

• It takes 12 years on the average to grow a Fraser fir Christmas tree; about 8 years to grow a white pine Christmas tree.

• Fraser firs grow almost exclusively at elevations above 3000 feet.

• The best way to judge a fresh cut tree is to pinch the needles. They should be soft and aromatic. Shake the tree. If needles fall, search for another tree.

• Trim 1/2 inch off the butt end of tree trunk before placing into the stand. Fresh cuts allow water uptake to keep the tree fresh.

• Put water in the stand immediately after erecting in the stand and check water level often. A typical Christmas tree may consume up to one quart of water a day, especially early in the season.