Letter: Marijuana madness

Published 8:09 am Saturday, December 1, 2018

I am so pleased to see the cartoon by Gary Varvel concerning the legalization of marijuana (in Tuesday’s Post). Why can’t those who continue to want to jump on the bandwagon of greed and make money like other nations and states?

Why would we want an entire generation of our state to fall victim to the drug. Has no one read the effects? I just looked on the internet and it made the hair on the back on my neck stand up. The more it is used, the more it affects the brain.

We need all the brain power we can get to have competent business leaders, political leaders, educators, etc. Then there is a great increase in cancers from the use.

Wake up, folks. Money isn’t everything. Something can be said for a clear mind and a life without unneeded cancers dogging the steps of our citizens. This is a no-brainer.

Please, please see this for what is it. Marijuana is a very bad idea.

— Virginia Stickler