Letter: Holiday lights can be recycled

Published 12:15 am Thursday, November 29, 2018

Just a tip: While the Rowan County recycling sites cannot accept strands of unwanted or burned out Christmas tree lights for recycling, you can drop them in the Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary aluminum can drop-off spots around Salisbury. Faithful Friends can recycle them.

The drop-off sites at Uptown Dogs and Cats Grooming on Statesville Boulevard (beside West End Plaza/former Salisbury Mall) and the drop-off location on Brenner Avenue at the Hudson-Miller-Tatum VFW Post are accessible 24/7. The complete list of all drop-off spots and addresses is available on this website http://www.faithfulfriendsnc.org/can-team-collections-and-information/ (please note Shampooch and Kitty, Too) is no longer a location for accepting recycling donations).

The lights need to be bagged separately from aluminum cans left in the “Can kennels.” The lights will be kept out of our landfills and used for a good cause. Every bit helps and is appreciated!

From of the Can Team Volunteers, we thank you to all of you who save and donate aluminum cans for Faithful Friends.   

— Lora Owen


Owen is a volunteer with Faithful Friends.