Letter: Here’s what I voted for

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 18, 2018

During the past month, I was hit hard with these questions: “Have you voted yet?” “Did you vote today?” “Who did you vote for?”

My ancestors taught me to vote over 60 years ago. They taught me to vote against waste and to vote for common sense.

In 1968, I voted for my “civic duty” and let the U.S. Army have me for two years. I hated every minute of it.

In 1969, I voted to question religion.

In 1970, I voted to never kill again. Or talk about it.

Since 1970, I have voted for a lot of things.

Plastic straws were voted out years ago, along with plastic bags in stores and buying water in plastic bottles.

I voted for recycling and to not generate “five or six” bags of trash, like someone I could name.

I voted to respect earthworms. They are actually more important to us than politicians. Or preachers.

I voted against exploitation of all animals. No more dog-and-pony shows.

I voted to invest in my grandchildren’s future.

So I damn sure voted against smoking in parks.

In 2018, I voted for the people who are hurting from losing a loved one to think about another way to remember them. Let’s all vote to help the whole planet to heal and “don’t turn loose” of any more balloons or litter.

I am voting now for Elizabeth Cook to go out with a BANG (Balloons Are Not Green) editorial.

For the next election (2020), I’m voting for you flag-wavers who want to make America great again and think it’s your responsibility or privilege to ask intrusive questions to please go somewhere it’s quiet. Then ask yourself this question: “What have I ever voted for?”

Whitey Harwood

Rowan County