Bringing a piece of Tennessee back: Salisbury native opens Faded Farmhouse in Mooresville

Published 12:05 am Sunday, November 18, 2018

By Liz Moomey

MOORESVILLE — When Bethany Hanby moved back to North Carolina from Tennessee, one of her friends gave her a farewell present from The Faded Farmhouse.

Hanby had moved to the Nashville area of Tennessee, to try something new.

“I never forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and not hide behind my job or leave Salisbury for at least a while,” she said. “I had never forced myself out of the comfort zone, which is something very important. I think that everyone needs to do once in their life is push yourself out of that ‘easy’ zone.”

In Tennessee, she found a community, a management job at a fitness center and her future husband.

“In February 2014, a guy started working there that caught my attention from the beginning,” Hanby said. “…I never had a moment like that where someone caught my eye so much. A couple months later we went out for my birthday with a group of friends and he ended up being there. I ended up marrying that guy.”

A week after she married Caleb Hanby he passed away from cancer on Oct. 1, 2015.

On what would have been their wedding anniversary (Sept. 24), Hanby opened the third location of The Faded Farmhouse in downtown Mooresville.

“I am still grieving,” Hanby said. “I never think I’ll fully get over or fully finish grieving the loss of such a wonderful person. I don’t want to get over it. I never want to feel like he’s not part of my life. The only way I move forward is knowing I don’t have to live a life that Caleb wasn’t a part of.”

After Caleb passed, Hanby decided to move back to North Carolina to be close to her family. She and her mom made a deal to visit Tennessee regularly. Their first trip back was to The Faded Farmhouse.

“A few months after I moved back,” she said, “we visited. Our whole point was to visit Faded Farmhouse. There were two locations at the time, and we went to both of them. I walked through the door and felt like I was at home. I loved it. My eyes lit up. My heart started beating. I turned to my mom and said ‘We’re going to be here for hours.’ And we were.”

On one of Hanby’s visits, she offered the idea of a Faded Farmhouse in North Carolina.

“I mentioned ‘I wish y’all had a store in North Carolina that I could run for you or manage or work at,’” Hanby said “I wouldn’t own it. I would just work there. Someone said maybe you should talk to the owner, she might be looking at expanding and so I just kept that in the back of my head.”

She got in contact with the owner Lori Diaz and she told her to fill out an application.

“I was nervous the whole time that I didn’t have what it took or is she going to like me?” Hanby said. “A lot of it was personal questions, like questions about my personality. I was worried about financials, about not having a business degree. I was worried about that kind of stuff. She was looking at me as a person. Thank goodness for that because my heart and soul was poured out into that application and she liked me from that.”

After some back and forth, the North Carolina The Faded Farmhouse was a go.

“As of June 1, it was like ‘Yep we’re doing this,’” Hanby said.

On Sept. 24, nearly three years after Caleb’s death, she opened The Faded Farmhouse at 162B North Broad Street in Mooresville.

The store offers “vintage inspired decor and gifts” and some home goods. Hanby also specializes in decorations, holiday and otherwise, for all areas of a home.

The Faded Farmhouse is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.