Local Bridge with Myrnie McLaughlin

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 17, 2018

Playing with Puppets
There is some controversy about what you choose to open if you hold 15-17 points and a 5 card major.
The consensus is to open 1NT and not the major. You have 1 chance to convey point count and this is it. You may not have another chance to do so and your ensuing bids could be misconstruing. If your partnership plays the Stayman system your chances to further describe your hand still exist. Partner bids 2C saying he has a major suit. If you are playing the Puppet Stayman option you have 2 ways to proceed. The first and simplest is to jump to 3 in your 5 card major letting partner know about your suit with your second bid. Now you can pick the contract more accurately. The second option for Puppet Stayman is more complicated but allows responder to also describe his hand more fully. Let’s say you open 1NT without a 5 card major and partner says 2C indicating he has at least one 4 card major. If you have no 5 card major you respond with 2D. Partner now bids the major he doesn’t have or 2NT if he has both majors. Now, you as the original 1NT bidder, has a better picture of partner’s hand and can set the appropriate contract without getting too high. As always, this will take some practice but can be rewarding. Good fortune.
Our Nov. 9 Evergreen game was lively. Winning were: N/S 1st Judy Gealy and Fern Albracht, 2nd Becky Creekmore and Dick Brisbin, 3rd John and Myrnie McLaughlin;
E/W 1st Marnie and Charlie Buchta, 2nd Patsy Reynolds and Lawana Ford, 3rd Ruth Bowles and Carol Bachl.
Bridge at Rufty Nov. 14 winners: N/S 1st Judy Hurder and Myrnie McLaughlin, 2nd Craig Poplin and Everett Halsall, 3rd Mack Brown and Marvin Jones, 2nd in Strat B Carol Bachl and Toni Iossi; E/W 1st Ruth Bowles and Fern Albracht, 2nd Wayne Pegram and Dick Brisbin, 3rd Patsy Reynolds and Lawana Ford
Some timely reminders:
1. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday there will be no bridge games on Nov. 21 or 23.
2. The Christmas party will be Thursday, Dec, 6 at 6:30 p.m. at the Monterrey Restaurant. Let me or Carol Bachl know if you are coming. Bring a $5 gift for a fun event.
Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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