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Published 12:00 am Friday, November 16, 2018

… Salisbury woman struck, killed after checking mail

Praying for the Dalton family. I also pray that this young lady will get the help that she needs. To everyone who has to check their mail in rural areas, please be extra careful.

— Eula McCleave

I worked with Sonya a long time ago during college. She was a nice woman and hard worker. This is so sad to hear. My condolences to her family and friends.

— Blake Jarman

(The driver) got out of her car and held Sonya, crying, before we arrived on scene to attempt to revive her. Please pray for the families involved in this tragic event.

— Angela Greening

There are several things I can say I’m truly gonna miss about Sonya —  seeing that beautiful smile when I walked into Starbucks, her encouraging words. And she always brought joy to my heart, no matter the situation or the circumstances. Sonya will truly be missed but she will never be forgotten. Rest easy, baby girl.

— Ebony Burch

My heart and prayers got out to Kenleigh and her mother and siblings and all who knew her. Sonya was truly a blessing to be around. Her smile could light up a room. We all are guilty of doing things and not thinking of the end result. … Praying for the Barnes family as well.

— Shameka Jackson

… Landfill attendant weighs in with cheerful outlook

Mrs. Catherine is an awesome lady and love seeing her smiling face

— Deborah Horne

Enjoyed reading about your job and your family. God bless you.

— Keith Hughes

… Kameron Marlowe sees his time on ‘The Voice’ come to an end

Congratulations to him for being good enough to qualify for this experience and opportunity

— Kathy Walters

… Salisbury VA begins sounding ‘honor tones’ to recognize when veteran dies

What a beautiful thought and a most appropriate gesture of honor. We need more acts of kindness and courtesy such as this. Thank you, Nurse Cummings. This is awesome.

— Jane Lackey

… Rob Schofield: Beware of special session

Every precinct has a chief judge and two judges. If you have a problem of any kind, ask for a judge. Still not satisfied, ask for the chief judge. Still not satisfied, vote a provisional ballot and the Elections Board members will decide the eligibility of your vote. The goal is that every eligible voter has the right to vote.

— Patty Bishop

… School performance grades linked to poverty

I appreciate that this article includes information about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). This year, I have the privilege of leading a project at Koontz with committed and dedicated educators who work tirelessly every day to help the children there.

Research informs us that poverty impacts school performance; ACEs have an impact on the developing brains of young children. The No. 1 protective factor for ACEs is a positive relationship with an adult. At Koontz, I watch teachers be that protective force.

Let us find ways to vigilantly support educators for the work they do. We cannot control the family structures or the poverty level of our students. With the support of the Resilience and Learning Project of the Public Forum of North Carolina, we can create safe schools where educators give students what they need most — relationships that let them know how much they matter.

— Phyllis Post

One of the biggest mistakes the school system has done is go to technology schooling for elementary school. These iPads aren’t the solution to giving our children foundational skills in reading, writing, and math. Those things don’t change.

The very makers of this technology pay massive money for private schools that don’t use this technology until middle school age.

— Cynthia O’Toole

And to blame parents and families does not address our immediate problem: We have children who are failing academically, which only puts them further behind in having a chance to succeed in life. We have to address that problem first; the parent problem is a long-term problem that will not be fixed by simply saying it is a problem.

— Theo Flemming

I firmly believe teaching starts at home. If  parents take the time to read to their child, that child will always have a heads up in class. Trying to tutor in a summer program, I found it impossible to try to read to the third- and fourth-graders. Many were eager to get home to watch TV or get on their iPods. The mothers mostly sat by the sidelines on their cellphones. The parents must step up to the plate to help educate their children; a free lunch is not a replacement for good parenting.

— Jennifer Doering

… County I-85 water-sewer plan would include annexation
by Kannapolis

It appears that multiple inter-local issues were resolved with the signing of this agreement. Perhaps it will prove to be a classic “win-win” scenario, opening the door to increased jobs and expanded tax base.

— Jeff Morris

This is totally awesome!

— Bill Godair

Pros and cons: Here we have municipal annexation and the county not starting its own infrastructure project. On the other hand, we are getting the infrastructure to spur on the growth, and much cheaper (to the county at least) than the numbers I’ve seen tossed about if the county were to start up its own service. And as for the annexation, if the area is not well developed, who would be negatively impacted by the annexation? 

Not a perfect solution, but a step in the right direction, all things considered. I encourage our commissioners to go over this with a fine-tooth comb, especially to ensure that the door is still open for further growth outside of the Beatty’s Ford Road area, along the I-85 corridor that is without water/sewer.

— Eric Shock

… ‘Buff,’ a Green Beret from North Carolina, was a true warrior

My good buddy throughout school. A really good man and a true patriot. RIP

— Tessa Lesley

I was also in Roger’s class in high school and considered him to be one of my best friends. But then he was everyone’s friend, very likeable, very outgoing. We spent several Sunday afternoons cruising the streets of Salisbury. I will always miss him.

— Linda Prichard

I was in Roger”s class at East. He was a really good guy and a three-sport athlete. For all of us who did not know all of this story, thank you very much. Roger was a true warrior and hero. 

— Bob Gulledge

I knew both men well. I knew Roger Teeter before he was deployed to Vietnam. He was a great person and very humble. Never had the opportunity to go on missions with him because when I got there, he was flying covey. Cliff Newman, without saying, was one of the most professional soldiers I have encountered in my 30 years in the service. Very professional, cool under challenging situations and was always in control of the situation. Had some great experience running missions with him and there was never a mission that came up that he would not take if asked. One could not fine a better person anywhere to be there when needed.

— Samuel Hernandez

I had the fortune to be their platoon sergeant and ran a mission with them. Two great guys that were true warriors. Roger was very humble and respected by all. RIP

— Bob Ramsey

I was in Roger”s class at East. He was a really good guy and a three-sport athlete. For all of us who did not know all of this story, thank you very much. Roger was a true warrior and hero. 

— Bob Gulledge

… All systems on go for the first ’Tis the Season Spectacular holiday parade

Sounds like it’s going to be a terrific parade. Thank you for helping to keep this seasonal treat alive in Spencer and Salisbury, and for all of Rowan County, especially the children who love watching it all.

— Margaret Keys