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Deeds Issued by the office of Register of Deeds John Brindle


Atwell Township

Hinson Properties LLLP to Steven Hinson LLP, $550,000

Hinson Properties LLLP to Honson Properties Management LLC, $41,500

Hinson Properties LLLP to Hinson Properties Management LLC, $82,000

Hinson Properties LLLP to Hinson Properties Management LLC, $41,500

Hinson Properties LLLP to Hinson Properties Management LLC, $28,000

Steven L. Hinson and wife to Hinson Properties Management LLC $44,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Teddy L. Bullard II and wife, $305,000

Noah J. Butler, James R. Butler, Hunter L. Butler, Sandra B. Thompson and husband to Linda B. Walter, $124,000

Linda B. Walter, Trustee of the Linda B. Walter Revocable Living Trust, to Noah J. Butler, James R. Butler, Hunter L. Butler, $62,000

Jeffrey D. Carter and wife to Joseph D. Carter and wife, $135,000

Jesse F. Frye Jr. to Michael Karmatz, $34,500

Kassie Magalis to Jose Efrain Loa Arreola, $21,500

Christina M. D’Happart, aka Christina Torrence, to Creekside Land Trust, $160,500

Jeremy Eric Brown; Allysha Pratt Brown to Daniel Ray Everhart; Britney Gabriela Simmons, $148,000

Rent the Farms LLC to Casey A. Fite and wife, $182,500

David C. Wright and wife to Gloria Jean Cook, $9,000

Rae Parks and wife to Jeffrey David Parks and wife, $50,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Patino Properties, LLC, $66,000

George Dewey Saunders Jr. to Matthew C. Erich, $78,000

NO LLC to B&J Property Group LLC, $12,000


China Grove Township

Joseph Michael Currie and wife to Clarence Cook, $195,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $40,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $40,000

Bob Stamey Associates & Builders Inc. to Robert E. Roginski and Kathleen L. Roginski Trust, $45,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to BMS Investment Properties LLC, $93,000

Debra Dupont Vecchio and husband to Clive Lobo, $138,000

Cynthia Susanne Baubach to Conrad Denis and wife, $113,000

Tony L. Huffman and wife; Jerry M. Huffman and wife to Adrian Maldonado, $37,500

Timothy L. Maxwell and wife to Janet Pethel, $120,000

Donald D. Sims and wife to Marvin Keenan Ferguson and wife, $40,000

Marie I. Russo, by her agent Shelagh Foley to Cathy Silvestri; Allen E. Silvestri, $165,000

Ted W. Ballard; Stephen Luther Ballard; Stephanie Ballard Johnson and husband to David Correll and wife, $110,000

William B. Bowman and wife to David K. Barke,r $318,000

JLS Stanco Properties LLC to Aaron Ellis, $165,000

Casey A. Fite and wife to Zachary Fite; Samantha Wright, $110,000

Robert A. Thornton and wife to Bruan T. Lipscomb; Tiffany N. Reynolds, $140,000

OfferPad (SPVBorrower1) LLC to Lewis O’Dell Campbell Jr. and wife, $59,000

Todd Townsend Ballard and wife to New Vision Trust Custodian FBO Stuart Modeen Trad IRA; JBL Estates, $40,000

OfferPad (SPVBorrower1) LLC to Gary Roy and wife, $171,500

Frank C. Mannarino to Jacob Willis and wife, $75,000

Miguel Vasquez to Grover Scott Hagler and wife, $185,000

Larry E. Williams and wife to Crystal P. Lassiter, $165,000

Patricia Carter Jones Estate, Patti Mills as Co-Executor and heir; Penny Ragan as Co-Executor and heir; Jerry Mills; Mark Ragan; Howard Michael Jones; Tamara D. Jones; Mark Everette Jones to Journey Capital LLC, $28,000

Vinicio Grulion and spouse to Wilson Infante, $105,000

New Life Developers LLC to Jessica R. Morrison, $145,000

John G. Biellik Jr. and wife to Kiser Development Company, $17,000

Rowan Health Services Corp. to State Employees’ Credit Union, $590,000

Vickie Starnes Monroe and husband to Tammie Freeman, $70,000

High Edge Investments, LLC to Gregory William Gottfried, $105,000

Brittny Mielke and husband to Anna C. Overcash, $105,000

Maria G. Miller and husband to Chad M. Cranshaw, $20,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $79,500

Tracy Christine David and husband; Kenneth Wade Stirewalt; The Estate of Audrey E. Stirewalt to Andrew T. Alexander and wife, $142,000

David Glenn Moore and wife to Samuel David Crisp, $11,000


Cleveland Township

Annie C. Moseley to Trudy Moseley Pilcher and husband, $10,000

Trudy M. Pilcher and spouse to Jonathan D. Carpenter, $268,000

Compton Builders and Investments, LLC to Amy B. Boyce, $190,000

Pressley Rodney Carr, Mondalyn Marie Carr, Bettye Clarissa Carr, Sallie Marie Hargrove to Angela Betten, $44,000


Franklin Township

Dorothy Jean Wood-Webb and husband to Thomas Donald Systsma Jr., $20,000

Tawanda Dancy Sykes and husband to Stephanie M. Schenk, $100,000

Mark Andrew Young and wife; Ruby Dianne Young, Individually and as Executor of the Estate of Larry Scott Young, to Three Rivers Landtrust Inc., $80,000

Bruce P. Beck and wife to Melinda Ann Rhodie and husband, $200,000

CJ Properties of Salisbury LLC to Marcus Robertson and wife, $75,000

Gina B. Davis to Crystal D. Merck, $125,000

Tony Dale Peeler to Brandon M. Delima and wife, $155,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Curtis E. Kyles, $148,000


Gold Hill Township

Troy L. Marshall and wife to Michael Lyons, $133,000

Janet T. McClure to Donald Ryan French, $100,000

Patricia Holshouser and husband to Marcus James $297,000

Thomas Genuario and wife to Dustin H. Joyner $164,000

Burton Shuford, Trustee in Bankruptcy for Bradley Paul Tunny to Robert Garron Miller, $196,500

Sloan Lake Community Church Inc. to Jeffery M. Keever and wife, $5,000

Glinda D. Rummage and husband, Brenda D. Batross and husband, Donna D. Rummage and husband, Glenn W. Daniel and wife to Glenn W. Daniel and wife, $11,000


Litaker Township

Cayman L. Hawke and spouse to Vincent D. Woody and spouse, $208,000

Kristy L. Cowden to Misty Goodwin Goodman $135,000

Spencer Lane Construction LLC to H. Wayne Kennerly and wife, $277,000

Joseph Ackerman and spouse to Megan Ryan Giddings; Bobby Lee Giddings, $135,000

Kay H. Harviel, Individually and as Executor of the Kevin Dale Smarr Estate, to Darren Brent Kelly, $60,000

Kenneth Roger Simpson and wife to Jeremiah L. Blitch and wife, $235,500

Jeffrey F. Harden and wife to Justin Alan Measimer, $193,000

Edward J. Miller, Sr. to Ben Adam Vanhoy and wife, $20,000

Christopher Linker and wife to Theodore W. West and wife, $288,500

Joseph Strickland and wife to Charles Steven Church and wife, $30,000

Charles Ray Harrington and wife to Michael Drue Gillis and wife, $420,000

William Lee Waddell and wife to Francisco Caballero and wife, $90,000

Lonnie Wayne Cline III and wife to Hector Hugo Ferriolli Ortega and wife, $17,000

Elizabeth Goodman, David L. Hill and wife to James Rice and wife $129,000

Sharon S. Eagle to Bryant M. Silvers and wife, $275,000

Edward J. Miller Sr. to Rodney Hutchinson and wife, $369,000


Locke Township

Tommie Gene Musselwhite III, Individually and as Administrator of the Estate of Tommie Gene Musselwhite Jr., to Erick Michel Benitez Osorio, $22,000

WJH LLC to Juan M. Guevara, $119,000

Trading Ford Baptist Church of Salisbury to Stone Properties & Development LLC, $12,000

Herman Eddie Shulenberger, Vickie C. Shulenberger to Stone Properties & Development LLC, $24,000

Joel Hernandez Alberto and wife to Daniel Garrido Patino, $30,000

Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee, to Robert K. Cobb, $56,000

Gregory Lamont Joseph and wife to Joel Hernandez Alberto and wife, $12,000

WJH LLC to Stacy Marie Hudson, $120,000

Stephen J. Sorrell and wife to Donald R. Miller and wife, $118,000

WJH LLC to Jack W. Gill III, $133,500

JDSI LLC to WJH LLC, $90,000


Morgan Township

Melynda Inae Garrett to Roger thornton and spouse, $178,500

George H. Gifford Jr. and wife to Built Green, Inc. $14,000


Mt. Ulla Township

Richard K. Luther and wife, Jeffrey M. Wetmore and wife to Darin E. Martin, $84,500


Providence Township

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Darwin Noe Perdomo Funez, Nitza Isis Ayala Morales, $80,000

Nina Lucinda Fisher Bell and husband, Dane Kinard Fisher and wife, Lorey Ray Fisher and wife, Kevin Scott Fisher and wife to Terry William Medley, Kevin Scott Fisher, $174,000

Jeremy Lee Plyler, Eric Harrison and wife to Timothy T. Brown and wife, $55,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Freecom Mortgage Corporation, $145,500

Georgia Miller Almind to Tammy Mulrooney, $129,000

Ashley H. Wilhelm and husband to Robert S. Burton, $270,000


Salisbury Township

Kathleen Mae Robinette to OfferPad (SPBorrower1) LLC, $204,500

EAA Properties LLC to Jose W. Navarros, $30,000

Akeem A. Malik to G&A Agency LLC $27,500

Maribeth R. Holliman to John T. Rizzo, $128,000

DP Properties of Rowan LLC to Michael Steven Owen, $290,000

Melvin L. Pepper Sr. and wife to Kimberly U. Pepper $70,000

Anthony White and wife to Shatasha L. Hamilton $120,000

Richard E. Hatoway and wife to Bethany Leah James, $78,500

John A. Blanchard to Marcus Antonio Turner, $105,000

Phillip Michael Costner to Angie Rusmisel, $149,000

Keith D. Gapen and wife to Michael E. Jones Jr. and wife, $345,000

IH2 Property North Carolina L.P. to BAF 1 LLC, $249,000

Tommie Leland Wood and wife, Gary Lee Wood and wife, Yonnie Wood Holland and husband to N.C. Transportation Museum Foundation, $147,500

Helen B. Leslie by and through Lisa Anne Poteat, her AIF to Lewis Adkins and wife, $17,500

Rosalind Anita Scotton; Roland A. Reid, personal representative of the Estate of Amitt R. Scotton, to Adriana Gonzalez Castillo, $22,000

Melinda Ann Rhodie and husband to Jason Brown and wife, $92,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to US Bank National Association, $12,000

WJH LLC to Benjamin Paul Burleson, $157,000

Silvia Hayde Castillo and husband to Boris Lozano, $27,000

Albertelli Law Partnes North Carolina PA to Texas Capital Bank NA, $99,000

Alfy R. Crossland; Susan S. Crossland to Kyle Root, $134,000

Bryan S. Baker and wife, Patricia D. Baker, by her attorney-in-fact, Bryan S. Baker to Dodds Inc., $50,000

Michael Alan Brady and wife to Brenda Moore Brady, $85,000


Scotch-Irish Township

Debi K. Peterson and husband to Dana C. Cartner, $69,000


Steele Township

Leigh Taylor Casper, Executor of the Estate of William Sherrill Barber III, to Bear Poplar Farms LLC, $552,000

Brent E. Offenberger and wife to Steven Harris and wife, $49,000


Unity Township

CMH Homes Inc. to Dustin Williams, $119,000

Kay Holloway Gregory, Ronald Keith Holloway, Jeffrey Kent Holloway and wife to James Samuel Foster and wife, $50,000

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Sherry Marie Dove and husband, $11,000




First dose COVID-19 vaccinations up to 24% in Rowan County


Blotter: April 22


Lawsuit: Salisbury Police, Rowan Sheriff’s Office tore woman’s shoulder during traffic stop


‘Believe me, they’ll be fresh’: Patterson Farm welcomes strawberry crop


City appoints more members to boards, commissions, with 9 seats left to be filled


Virtual play groups the new norm at Smart Start


City meets in closed session to consult with attorney on two ongoing litigation cases


Summit takes art out of the classroom, into the student’s home


Education briefs: Gene Haas Foundation donates $12,500 to RCCC


County’s restaurant grant program dishes out funding to eight local eateries

High School

High school football: Yow out as South head coach




City moves forward on greenway extension, traffic signal upgrades


State broadband survey could help fund local infrastructure


Happy Roots adds to programming with Bic recycling program


RCCC small business center partners 53 Ideas Pitch Competition


Sheriff: Deputy fatally shot Black man while serving warrant


Garland announces sweeping police probe after Floyd verdict


District attorney won’t bring charges against former Salisbury officer depicted in K-9 video


Cooper plans to lift gathering, distancing limits by June 1


Convicted sex offender charged with having child pornography


Rowan County woman faces drug crimes for gas station incident


Blotter: Thousands of dollars in lumber taken from Newsome Road house


Locals react to Chauvin verdict, reflect on work still to do