Letter: Balloon hazard for animals is real

Published 11:32 pm Saturday, November 10, 2018

Another entertaining but serious letter by Whitey Harwood asking people to use common sense rather than pure emotion.  I hope to see the cited people/entities take up the cause to help keep Rowan County clean.  No one is asking for a balloon ban — just don’t let them go into the air and fall to earth as ugly litter.

The huge lobby of the Balloon Council has erroneously said balloons are biodegradable. This degradation may take years but the damage it causes to wildlife is immediate.  Land and sea animals mistake it for food and die. Releasing balloons often causes death. This is a fact.

In an effort to avoid an outright ban of balloons, the Balloon Council has revised its stance and states that balloons should not be released.  Even they realize their industry is in danger if people learn the truth about the detrimental effects of balloon releases.

There is a littering law in North Carolina, N.C. 14-399.  Just as you wouldn’t throw   papers, cigarette butts, food, etc. on your property, thinking that they will eventually degrade, why would you chose to release balloons that fall far and wide as ugly harmful litter? There are so many more meaningful and safe alternatives to this archaic practice.

— Joanne Bryla

China Grove