Weather has wreaked havoc at park

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 9, 2018

Fall is here and boy, has it started off with a bang. This year alone, Hurley Park has sustained damage from a 500-year flood event and two hurricanes.

It seems like we can barely get back on our feet when another event comes and sweeps us off our feet again. With each weather occurrence, the park has sustained more damage and it seems to get bigger/worse each time. With all of the work that has been going on I thought a good Q&A article was in order.

Q: You have a lot of trees down, when will you be able to get them off of the paths and cleaned up?

A: Because we lost around eight or more trees, cutting and removal will be costly and we have to get estimates. Since our area sustained a lot of damage, many of the local tree companies are swamped, so it has been difficult to get a quote from at least three businesses. Due to the complexities of the job and being careful around the park’s beds, specimen plants and structures, we have to select a company that will be mindful of the area before taking the job. We hope to have the trees removed/pruned and the areas cleaned up as soon as possible.

Q: I was walking my dog the other day and came across a massive dug hole at the pond entrance area. What is that and is everything OK?

A: After all of the storms, Hurley Park has four sink holes that opened up from all of the rain and damage to the underground pipes. Stormwater and the Salisbury-Rowan Utilities departments are working tirelessly to get these holes fixed. Unfortunately, it takes time and some need extensive repairs and curing times. When it rains it delays the repairs, so please be patient with us and them so they can get the park fixed back in no time.

Q: Where is your pond fountain? I have seen the sign but was wondering how long it will take to be repaired?

A: Our pond fountain was another casualty of the storms. Because our pond area is a catch basin and we get drainage from surrounding areas, we also get trash that has not been picked up or discarded properly. Unfortunately for us, some trash became wrapped around the fountain and caused a seal to break, getting water into the motor. We are trying to see what options we have to get the motor fixed or replaced.

Q: With all of the damage at the park is there anything looking good right now?

A: Of course! We still have some flowers in bloom and many of our berries are ripening into red gems. The viburnum is a gorgeous, deep red and the deciduous holly berries are still clinging to the branches. It will be a matter of time before the birds devour them, but be sure to stop by the park to take look at the beautiful site. We are also starting to change leaf color and have some interesting shades. One maple is a fiery orange on top and a chartreuse color on the bottom. It shouldn’t be long before our Japanese maple leaves begin turning into their deep crimson.

Thanks for all of the questions. If you have more questions, please send them our way and stay tuned on our social media for additional park updates.

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