Congressmen push to get out the vote for Budd, Hudson

Published 12:10 am Friday, November 2, 2018

By Liz Moomey

SALISBURY — With Election Day less than a week away, the Rowan County GOP amped up voters to support Republican Reps. Richard Hudson of the 8th District and Ted Budd of the 13th with appearances by Reps. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., and Steve Scalise, R-La., on Thursday.

Scalise was welcomed with cheers. Scalise was injured in a shooting during a congressional baseball practice in June 2017.

“A couple of challenges for you: if you haven’t voted, early voting goes until Saturday, so you can early vote til Saturday, because next Tuesday you’re going to be helping encourage other people to vote,” Scalise told the crowd. “I have no doubt Richard and Ted sure know there’s people who haven’t made up their minds yet. There are some people who are still trying to figure out, should I go that way?”

Hudson, who is being challenged by Democrat Frank McNeill, said he wants to turn the state red.

“We have two days of early voting after today,” Hudson said. “Of course, we’ve got Election Day on Tuesday, and I can tell you we are absolutely going to turn North Carolina red.”

He said voters can do that using by remembering that R stands for “remember what your Republican president and your Republican Congress have delivered for this country”; E is “educating other voters”; and D is for “deliver and defend.”

“We have to deliver the vote,” Hudson said. “It also stands for defend. We have to defend what we’ve accomplished, because the stakes could not be higher.”

Budd is running against Democrat Kathy Manning in a close race. He said there’s a lot of attention on the midterm election, and Republicans want to continue the work they’ve accomplished in the last two years.

“People don’t want that to roll back,” Budd said. “They don’t want to lose their tax cuts. They don’t want to see the economy slow down again. They want to see our borders secured. The things that we’re moving toward, people want us to continue to work on what, unfortunately, we couldn’t get accomplished in 23 months. We have more work to do. We’re drawing a lot of attention to this midterm election. At the same time, we have a president that has been very strong in campaigning and drawing attention to the fact of how important this race is.”

Budd thanked his supporters for their help campaigning.

“We’ve just got to keep up the momentum,” Budd said. “This is a tough race that I’m in. Yesterday we knocked on 708 doors. Saturday before that, we knocked on 1,000 doors, and we are just out there. Thank you for the signs, the stickers, the door knocking, the phone calls, the telling your friends on Facebook and telephone, just out there in the neighborhood. That makes a world of difference.”

Hudson advocated for Budd, saying House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has him “on the top target list.”

“I can tell you Ted Budd is a man of character,” Hudson said. “He’s a man of faith. He’s a business man. He’s a family man. He’s exactly the kind of person we want representing us in Congress. He’s done such a good job in just his first term that Nancy Pelosi is doing everything she can to make sure he doesn’t come back.”

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, said she’s gotten to work with Budd and Hudson as representatives.

“I’m so honored to be here for Ted and Richard,” Cheney said. “I’m a freshman with Ted, so I really had the chance to watch him up close. I don’t have to tell you guys what a tremendous job he’s doing and how important it is that we make sure that he gets back again, how crucial it is. He’s made his mark, and I can say as a fellow freshman that’s not easy as a freshman.”

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