Local Bridge with Myrnie McLaughlin

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 28, 2018

Mistakes continued

Continuing with our mistakes in bidding sequence is the strong temptation to overbid with large hands. With a mega points hand it is so tempting to want to take off straight to slam, never mind what partner says.
But show caution and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. If you have a high count, partner most likely has a small count and is reluctant to bid. This author, S.J.Simon, seems to prefer 2C to 2NT in bidding high count hands with no nod to distribution, thus giving the opportunity to keep the bidding at a lower level.
Now it is the responsibility of Mr. Big’s partner to bid. Knowing what partner’s count is, you can bid a 4-5 card major suit with as little as 5 points, or failing that, saying 2D to keep the bid open. If you bid 2NT you set the bid at 3NT tops, possibly missing a contract in a suit and making the large hand the “dummy” revealing all of the points. Let partner bid NT if he wishes.
Due to mistakes made with Bridgemate set up, the wrong winners were announced for the Oct. 17 Bridge at Rufty Championship game. After 24 hours of research and phone calls to players, the true results are: N/S 1st Carol and Harold Winecoff (1st OA), 2nd Craig Poplin and Everett Halsall (4th OA), 3rd Nancy Brandt and Tom Johnson; E/W 1st Fern Albracht and Ron Caudle(2nd OA), 2nd Jayne and Gary Shive (3rd OA), 3rd Jean and Loyd Hill (5th OA). I’m sorry for any disappointment and happy for those who did better than they thought.
Winning Evergreen’s Friday, Oct. 19 game: N/S 1st Ruth Bowles and Judy Gealy, 2nd John and Myrnie McLaughlin, 3rd Nancy Brandt and Tom Johnson; E/W 1st Billie and John Nordan, 2nd Jean and Loyd Hill, 3rd Beth Shafer and Lawana Ford.
On Wednesday, Oct. 24 Bridge at Rufty winners: 1st John and Myrnie McLaughlin, 2nd Fern Albracht and Everett Halsall, 3rd Beth Shafer and Patsy Reynolds, 4th Margaret and Chuck Rimer, 5th Mary Hennie and Ann Hamm.
Once again there were complaints about some of the results logged into the Bridgemates on Wednesday, Oct. 24. Be sure that you are playing the correct boards and that, in a Howell movement game, you are sitting in the correct direction. If you OK a result and it turns out wrong because you weren’t sitting in the right direction, I can’t fix things. Please be responsible while at the table.
I hope all who went to the Regional Tournament in Charlotte this past week did very well.

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