Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 21, 2018

Deeds issued from the office of the Register of Deeds John Brindle


Atwell Township  

Anthony Poteet and wife to Rachael McClure, $45,000

Teresa Cline, Individually and as Administrator of the Estate of Stephen Anthony Gillespie, to CMH Homes Inc., $25,000

Robert Scott Ludwick and wife to Jeremy M. Blackwelder, $12,000

Julie A. Willis and husband to Wayne Waller Jr., $39,000

Joseph P. Stefanacci, Marcia A. Stefanacci to Barry Daniluk and Sherry Daniluk Family Trust, $12,000

Rebecca W. Herman and husband to CMH Homes, Inc., $27,500

Keith Carroll and wife to Jeremy William Flowers and wife, $65,000

Timothy W. Sheets and wife to Lance Brown and spouse, $370,000


China Grove Township

Robert Severt Jr. and wife to Madison Brown, $123,500

Mark G. Cori to Kasing Auto Center Inc., $50,000

Sheila S. Colvard to Devon S. Simpson, Amy Simpson, $67,000

Teena Overcash Lambert to Leticia Hennandez de Villa, $32,000

Olivia Fleishman and husband to Jason Lee Overcash, Michael Todd Biddy, $41,000

True Homes LLC to Manolo A. Alava and spouse, $197,000

PP&I LLC to Hunter M. Wood and wife, $156,500

True Homes LLC to Ernest Len Salyer III and spouse, $207,000

WJH LLC to Francisco Rodriguez and spouse, $156,000

WJH LLC to David A. Hutchins, Jr., $158,000

Michael Lee Bumgarner, by and through his Attorney in Fact, Sara Nemechek Bumgarner, and wife to Brianna Baird Overstreet, $199,000

Bobby Michael Parker and wife to Angela Marie Artz, $87,500

Catherine P. Church, Melvin L. Church to Kirsten E. Webb and husband, $420,000

Catherine P. Church to Kirsten E. Webb and husband, $10,000

William Mark Alexander, Melissa Susan Lemmons to Randal Scott Bragg, Alan Earl Bragg Sr., $52,000

Jessica B. Coe and husband to Corey Carpenter, Olivia G. Threatt, $86,500

Leticia Sanchez Guillen and spouse to Bernardina Javier Gonzalez, $37,000

WJH LLC to Steven G. Davis and spouse, $156,000

WJH LLC to Shakya Taylor, $155,500

Michael J. Dressler and wife to Stan M. Doolittle, $265,000

Lora Lee Properties LLC to Arlene Wallace and husband, $100,000

Harvey E. Baker to OfferPad(SPV Borrower) LLC, $110,500

Roger D. Boger to Stephen B. Kiser, $27,500

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Atlantica LLC, $64,000

Harbour Portfolio VII LP to Arich Star LLC, $27,500

Stephen B. Kiser to Adilene Ibarra Zacatula, $27,500

Janice M. Shoe and husband to Jarold William McClintock III, $195,000

Flordelina D. Burton to Simona Alvarado Torres, Felipe Ramos Alvarado, $98,000

Christopher Lee Amburn and wife to Ben Clay Kimball and wife, $13,500

Charles E. Roy and wife to Joshua W. Brown, Billie J. Stubbs, $150,000

WJH LLC to Jeremy J. Perrin, $160,000

Frederick M. Archer by and through his attorney in fact, Alice G. Archer, and wife to Devin S. Moore and wife, $187,500

James W. Wilkie and wife to Ben Gable Properties, Inc., $15,000

Donald Russell; Emma Louise Russell to Elle Properties LLC, $120,000


Franklin Township

Cheryl A. Linder, Robert Lewis Linder and wife to Gwynn G. Mangler and husband, $165,000

A&B Property Rentals LLC to Devin G. Butchart and spouse, $130,000

Christopher Bryan Fowler and wife to Helen R. Little, $210,000

Wesley Euguene Owens, Individually and as Executrix of the Estate of Rachel Hill Owens, and wife to Robert L. Snider and wife, $103,000

Robert L. Snider and wife to Robin S. Powell, $51,000

Leo Papagni and wife to Gary Allen Hill and wife, $138,000

Sean I. Malone and wife to Marsha D. Pruitt, $275,000

Gail S. Swan; Kimberly K. Robinson and husband, Mark Andrew Keeling to Macon C. Stewart, $199,000

Linda Coltrera McRoary to Stephen P. Mack and wife, $79,500

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Jerome Kenneth Wallace, Josephine Denise Palmer, $95,000

Evan Paul Caldwell, Tracie Caldwell Cook and husband to Lonnie Harris and wife, $186,500


Gold Hill Township

Carolyn C. Hartung to David Howard Earnhardt and wife, $26,500

Daniel Roe to Daniel Chadwick Tucker, $170,000

Talmadge Cecil Medley and wife to CMH Manufacturing Inc., $75,000

Andrew Benson Christenbury to Edward Wayne Tucker, $50,000

Betty Harmon Gardner to Wanda Poole Kluttz, $105,000

David Holsinger and spouse to Kaleb J. Denton, Loren M. Kluttz, $113,000

Michelle Beaver to Midatlantic IRA LLC; Nisara Paawamenu and husband, $88,000

Michael A. Sungerland and wife to Paul V. Vlieg and wife, $125,000

Billy J. Fesperman and wife to Terry Hudson and wife, $125,000

Kelly K. Lange and husband to Anna Maria Greco, $32,000

VLS Builders LLC to Bobby Walter Cothren, $63,000

Miguel Antonia Cisneros to Alison C. Sobataka, $129,000

Stephen Roy Staton and Gerald Staton, co-trustees of the Staton Family Trust, to Amanda C. Trexler and husband, $210,000

Robert Alan Parnell and wife to Nathan Goldstein and wife, $262,000

Fred L. King and wife to Jacob James Francois and wife, $150,000

Farmers & Merchants Bank to Tim Klaus, $28,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, $180,000


Litaker Township

Dwight C. Perkins and wife to Edward M. Pilegard Jr. and wife, $325,000

Mark A. Holderfield and wife to Kari Jo Holderfield, $169,000

Jonathan Dale McCaskill and wife to Hudson Construction, $23,500

Craig A. Patch to Dennis J. Collins, $207,500

Johnny Heath Page to Alejandro Vargas and wife, $10,000

Timothy D. Wheeler to Bobby Gene Wagner Jr. and spouse, $62,000

Amanda Trexler and husband to Michael A. Coe and wife, $187,000

John P. O’Reilly and wife to Paul Burnett and wife, $250,000

William T. White Jr. and wife to Todd James Denicholas and wife, $238,000


Locke Township

Jacqueline H. Shumaker to John D. Foster and wife, $269,000

Kevin S. Allen to Kenton G. Nixon and wife, $282,000

Jason Scott C. Sherman and wife to Durwood Maurice Bynum and wife, $200,000

Sarah Lowe and husband, Jonathan Burris Sr. and wife, Anita Wallis and husband, Davis Burris Sr. and wife, Rebecca Spires to Anita Wallis and husband, $40,000

First National Properties LLC to Terry Michael Parham, $15,000

Mark Andrew McDaniel and wife to Jacqueline Shumaker, $210,000

WJH LLC to Amanda Bolyard and spouse, $124,500

William Crockett Richardson II and wife to Thomas Genuario and wife, $165,000

RNCKC LLC to Destiny City Church, $575,000

Gary K. St. Lawrence and wife to OfferPad (SPV Borrower) LLC, $209,500

Rabon Properties 2 LLC to Lara Claire Karriker, $128,000

Rabon Properties 2 LLC to Zachary C. Julian; Jessica N. Barnwell, $115,000

Rabon Properties 2 LLC to Travis D. Vance and wife, $180,000

Arnold Lee Peninger and wife, Gail P. Strange and husband, William H. Smith and wife, Larry Alan Smith and wife, Patricia P. McCurdy,Melissa Ann S. Swicegood and husband to Carl E. Christiansen and wife, $160,000

M&R Investments of Salisbury LLC to William B. Allred Jr. and spouse, $43,500

Michael D. Stadler and wife to Lewis Charles Chamberlin, $270,000


Morgan Township

Robyn Taylor Saxton, Individually and as Administrator of David Anderson Estate, Penny Talora Payne and husband, Tom Payne, Margaret Mary Meko as Executor of Archie Anderson Estate to Ricky Seaborn Jenkins and wife, $61,500

Anthony P. Shepherd and wife to Richard Glenn Barnhardt, $450,000

Richard M. Royal Sr. and wife to Todd Edward Kennedy and wife, $315,000


Mt. Ulla Township

Mt. Ulla Flour Mills Inc. to John Carlyle Sherrill, III, $1,000

Fannie J. Putnam to Mark D. Buda and spouse, $34,000

Henry B. Hampton and wife to Maurice E. Parker and wife, $267,000

Maurice E. Parker and wife to Henry B. Hampton, $267,000

American Land Corp. Charlotte Inc. to TLC Family Homes LLC, $42,000


Providence Township

Charles Christopher Bryson and wife to Philip Ray Williams and wife, $295,000

Preston H. Dorsett and wife to William G. Moore Revocable Trust, $105,000

Claude David Huggins to Joshua D. Rogers, $10,000

Stephen Dwayne McIntyre and wife to Jack A. Goodman and wife, $30,000

Rogelio Mendoza, Michelle R. Mendoza to Rick Farley, Cynthia Farley, $279,000

James Edward Hampton to Larry S. Roan, $25,000

Gary C. Cauble to Amy Louise Rehders, $167,000

David E. Boling and wife to Jonathan D. Allen and wife, $325,000


Salisbury Township

Diane D. Hooper to Scott E. Marquar and wife, $279,500

Diann Overcash to Freedom Eagle Real Estate LLC $4,500

Wayne Kennerly and wife to Kepley Brothers Property Management LLC, $229,000

Diane Trexler Simpson to Todd J. Surratt, $45,000

Leon Willie Jones and wife to Deborah S. Wood, $15,000

New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust to David Glenn Moore and wife, $38,500

Anchor Capital Investors CW LLC to WJH LLC, $18,500

John Frederick Riley and wife to Kevin S. Trexler, $43,000

David S. Jacobs and wife, through their Attorney-in-Fact William T. Jacobs, to Yon Consulting LLC, $30,000

Brenda S. Goins to Meredith J. Vestal, $203,000

Joel Stofford and wife to Dale E. Castor, $9,500

Penny Cooper and husband to John H. Delaney and wife, $105,000

Leila K. Faries to Mark M. Soeth; Joan E. Soeth, Trustees under the Mark and Joan Soeth Revocable Trust, $165,000

Marcus McNeil to Dontarrance Ambers Sr. and Aubra Ambers, $240,500

A. Cauble Jr. and wife to Ricardo Rivera Garcia, $12,000

William M. McLaughlin, Theresa L. McLaughlin to Elise Tellez, $164,500

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $22,000

Jesse W. Matthews Jr., Susan R. Curlett and husband to Danette Walden, $107,500

Nicolas Trejo and wife to Mirna Pineda and husband, $40,000

WJH LLC to Jonathan Pedro Ruiz Expejo, $169,000

Amanda Kepley Antosek and husband to Kepley Brothers Property Management LLC, $17,000

Deborah Barnhardt Basinger to Martha Iris Calderon Manzo and husband, Selvin Omar Calderon, Jailene Odalys Manzo, $55,000

Superior Oil Co. Inc. to Pit Road Propertie, LLC, $23,000

Eugene Alexander Harris, Executor of the Estate of Eliza Glenn Miller, to Jaime Venegas Martinez, $30,000

Patrick W. Edwards to Giannini Miani and husband, $175,000

Darril E. Fortson to Chad Michael Vriesema, $15,000

Nadine Bogdon to Travis J. Bogdon, $96,000

Angela Hash Pinder to Nicholas Adam Hill, $90,000

Michael S. Stephens and spouse to Aaron Kalma-Bruton and spouse, $77,500

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to TKM Property Investments LLC, $128,500

Mark B. Perry and wife to Peter Michael Manikas, $310,000

James Allen Thompson and wife to Jeanne E. D’Angelo, $150,000

Vicky Shaw Parks. Catherine Pamela Shaw Basinger. William Grady Shaw Jr. and wife to Sheila Marie Wilcox, $460,000

Donna Kay Wilkins, Kimberly Fay Jones, Barbara Annette Wilkins to Truland Development LLC, $15,000


Steele Township

Kay L. Rogers and Freddy L. Rogers, Co-Executors of the Estate of Margaret L. Rogers-Kurfees, Kay L. Rogers, Freddy L. Rogers, Jason T. Williams and wife, Judy R. O’Quinn and husband, Madison K. Livengood to Joe Hampton and wife, $155,000


Unity Township

Sue Steele-Correll to Roger Spillman, $125,000

Bryant M. Silvers and wife to John W. Thorne, $245,000

M&R Investments of Salisbury LLC to Scott J. Roby and spouse, $29,000