Letter: Express your view on how to elect Salisbury leaders

Published 12:45 am Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The writer, a member of Salisbury City Council, is commenting on a column by David Post in Sunday’s paper, “Want to help decide whether to change city election?”

I want to echo the mayor pro tem’s request for citizen input as we further explore the election process for the city of Salisbury. Over the years the topic has surfaced with other sitting councils — each time with no action due to lack of demand by majority of citizens or community groups.

In writing a response to David’s letter, I want to ensure you no decisions have been made in regards to recommendations to council. I want all citizens to know his opinions of our direction, which might be implied in the letter, do not represent my opinions or this committee’s direction. I believe his purpose was to share and get involvement.

A last comment for correct disclosure — while the Rowan County Democrats did endorse some candidates, I did not receive any poll workers on my behalf. I had great citizens who volunteered their time to support me as a candidate. I feel confident that I received support from not only Democrats but also Republicans, Tea Party and independent party members alike based on my level-headed business approach and my concern for all citizens.

Just as a reminder: Please share your opinions in regards to the election process by attending Oct. 17 at 1 Water St. at 5 p.m.

— Tamara Sheffield