Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 14, 2018

Deeds Issued from the office of the Register of Deeds John Brindle:


Atwell Township

Eric Dwayne Simmons to American Homes of Rockwell Inc., $24,500

Foley Homes Sales LLC to Paul E. Barbee Jr. and wife, $240,000

Delores Ballard Hall to Michael L. Smith and wife, $235,000

Glass Door Investments LLC to Anthony Shane Fite and wife, $265,000

Kurtis J. Oliver and wife to Adam M. Gardner and wife, $197,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Prescott Services LLC, $38,500


China Grove Township

Auga Miller and husband, Melanie Miller, William E. Miller Jr. to Ferris Property Investments LLC, $288,000

True Homes LLC to Jose M. Benitez-Rodriguez, $167,000

Vainer Lanier LLC to Andrew Todd Hardin and wife, $100,000

True Homes LLC to Joshua Franklin, $198,500

Vaughn H. Wilhelm and wife, Trustees for the Vaughn H. Wilhelm and Nancy A. Wilhelm Revocable Living Trust to Dustin L. Efird and wife, $200,000

WJH LLC to Stephanie Deal and spouse, $171,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Nationwide Financial Real Estate Holdings, $133,500

John Jackson Roberson Jr. and wife to Casey Wayne Karriker and wife, $30,000

Michael Clark and wife to Kenneth Michael Matthews and wife, $84,000

D Glass LLC to Kimberley D. Barron and husband, $145,000

Jonathan D. Eller, Wayne C. Eller and wife, Billie M. Eller to Melinda Grisdale Dabbs, $104,000

True Homes LLC to Lauren Jo Fife; Charles Kelly Quick III, $203,000

WJH LLC to Patrick Palmer, $193,000

Ronald F. Tate and wife to Nelson R. Duarte and wife, $100,500

Dana Deal Keranen and husband to T-FOUR, LLC, $22,500

John D. Lambert and wife to Roger Scott Nary and wife, $259,000

Diane H. Brown and husband to John Lambert and wife, $130,000

Glennies M. Howard, Bobby Tutterow and wife, Bradley E. Howard to LINKompany LLC, $100,000

Dale C. Ellis and wife to Jason Upright, Natalie Upright, $220,000

David T. Church, Administrator for the Estate of Sherwood McCarthy Church; David T. Church and wife, Michael A. Church and wife, Christopher S. Church and wife to Edward L. Mault and wife, $47,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $158,500

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $40,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $79,500

Lewis E. Wilson to Joshua Elex Wilson, $140,000

Michael Biddy and wife, Jason Lee Overcash and wife to Christina Deanie Crowell, $131,000

James Crawford Dean, Jr.; Robert Preston Dean to Jason Lee Overcash, Michael Biddy, $36,500

Key Access Investments LLC to Gregory Mitchell Bailey and spouse, $100,000

Cleveland Township

Kim Bellamy Shade, nka Kim M. Bellamy, to Lanny Ray James and wife, $58,000


Franklin Township

Jamie L. Farnswirth, Individually and as Executrix of Patsy F. Laughridge Estate, and husband; Julie L. Ward and husband; Suzy L. Boswell, nka Suzy L. Dmetruk and husband to Jose Alejandro Mejia, $2,000

John E. Wagoner Sr., as Trustee of the John E. Wagoner Sr. Revocable Living Trust to Chenaughka Y. Jackson, $124,000

Albert Vernon Crawford Jr. to Steven Allen Wooten, Jameson Chad Wooten, $17,000

Hugo F. Correa to Steven Allen Wooten, Jameson Chad Wooten, $10,500

Dorian Scott Lauer to Janet A. Milos, $125,000

Michael W. Stridick and wife to Samuel Reid Flippin, $225,000

Erin Witalison Howard and husband to Joel Hail and wife, $126,000

Todd M. Miller and wife to Keith W. Cohick and wife, $212,000

Constance J. Connolly and husband to William Perrotti and wife, $160,000

Jeffrey L. Osborne and wife to David S. Perman, $207,000

Linda S. Hughes, Jason D. Hughes and wife, Joshua D. Hughes and wife to Asia R. Burrell, $178,000

Bonnie S. Breedlove to Jason Michael Hardy and wife, $15,000

Helen Elizabeth Peacock, Individually and as Executrix for the Estate of Dorothy R. Peacock, and husband; Martha Lynn Peacock Spaw and husband to Vickie B. Kidd $114,000


Gold Hill Township

Donald Edward Barger and wife, Heirs to the Estate of Evola Barger; William Paul Earnhardt, Individually and as Executor for the Estate of Jill Barger Earnhardt to Lisa Maria Myers, $110,000

Kari Jo Holderfield to Donavan Allen Staley, $218,000

Melissa T. Nolan to Robert L. Gardner, $70,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $145,000

Ronald Lewis Jacobs and wife to Zachary L. Waddell and wife, $66,000

Timothy Vann Lyerly and wife to Joe L. Harrell and wife, $110,000


Litaker Township

Kody Austin Allman and wife to Michael Robert Graham and wife, $175,000

Linda M. Hartley to Lisa C. Manley, $150,000

Soencer Lane Construction LLC to Theresa M. Hummel, $227,000

Hudson Construction to Caleb Ryan Jackson and wife, $246,000

Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Gabriele C. Duarte, Hanna L. Wilkerson, $283,000

Locke Township

Michael Allen Lathrop and spouse to Thomas McKenzie and spouse, $45,000

Darrin Evans, Trina Evans to Jarad Osterhus, Brittany Osterhus, $176,500

Rebecca H. McCall, Billy D. McCall Jr., Barry Michael McCall, Lee Pethell McCall to Sonshine Home Solutions, LLC, $90,000

Roger Dale Allen and wife to Michael W. Stridick and wife, $359,000

Amy Mesimer Lamb to Kendra Daugherty Jones, $3,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Ronald Divjak and wife, $150,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Fifth Third Mortgage Co., $62,500


Morgan Township

James W. Driggers and wife to Allen R. Tomlinson and wife, $47,000

Albert F. Shepherd and wife to S&V Staton Family Trust, $128,500

Deborah Lynn Goodman Hopkins and husband to S&V Staton Family Trust, $8,000


Mt. Ulla Township

J&S Investments of Lake Norman LLC to Trails End Real Estate LLC, $43,000


Providence Township

Joseph Harvey McDowell II to David R. Shields and wife, $575,000

Ronald S. Hamrick Jr. to Kurtis J. Oliver and wife, $295,000

Makson Inc. to Matt T. Duganne, $260,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Wells Fargo Bank, $76,500

Steven R. Rathbun and wife to David L. Coones III, $10,000

David S. Pullen to Ronald Francis Bellinghausen, $289,000


Salisbury Township

RLB and T Properties LLC to Eva-Katherine Phifer, $85,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to US Bank National Association, Trustee for Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I Trust, $24,500

Deborah J. Evans and spouse to Lucie Elizabeth Thorsteinsson, Ha Ngan Dang, $63,500

Timothy C. Klaus and wife to Wilson B. Cabral and wife, $155,000

Shane M. Ussery and wife to Steven R. Rathbun and wife, $5,500

Standard Real Estate LLC to David I. Moses, $165,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Mark R. Rufty, $20,000

WJH LLC to Latralle Hamer Heyward, $152,000

Kharyl Stephens and wife to KTW Holdings LLC, $256,500

Wild Oak Creek LLC to Dodds, Inc., $50,000

David L. Lunsford to Catherine Tipton Clark and spouse, $110,000

Randolph W. Linhart Jr. and wife, Trustees under the Will of Joan B. Gand, to Randolph W. Linhart Jr. and wife, $135,000

Bobby Lee Jones and wife to Variety World Inc., $115,000

Historic Salisbury Foundation Inc. to Bradford Collins Garrigues Jr. and wife, $70,000

Cora Faye Bass and husband to Perry N. Mitchell and wife, $144,000

Dustyn Andrew Swartz to Peggy L. Holshouser, $125,000

WJH LLC to Claudine Robinson and spouse, $154,000

Matthew W. Banish and wife to Dodds Inc., $50,000

Cherlyn E. Jacobs and husband to Steven R. Evans, $56,000

David L. Lunsford to Catherine L. Tipton Clark and spouse, $120,000

TY Kinder to Phyllis B. Abernathy, $150,000

Lewis E. Wilson to Roger M. Van Anden and wife, $140,000

Beth H. Houck and husband to Christina Lynn Simms and husband, $390,000


Unity Township

Clara Jean T. Mayhew to Department of Transportation, an agency of the State of North Carolina, $500

Betty Michelle Donaldson Fite and husband to Gary McCree Strickland and wife, $164,000

Joseph Schwenk and wife to Guadalupe Nava Guerrero and wife, $66,000

GEF Development Inc., William E. Myers and wife, beneficiaries, Thomas M. Caddell, Trustee to Vernon D. Jones and wife, $35,000