Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 12:22 am Friday, October 12, 2018

… Local teachers’ organizations endorse candidates

I, for one, appreciate the work that our three incumbents have put into mending fences between the school district and the county government, and acknowledge the challenge they have in keeping tax rates where they are along with increasing their financial support of the district. It’s a balancing act in this county, and they’ve done well in walking that line.

— Eric Shock

Isn’t it interesting they’re all Democrats?

— Rick Lewis

… Endorsements are telling

Rowan County education is among the lowest in the state with GOP leadership. It is time to change the N.C. General Assembly and make education a priority

— George Benson

… Students dive deep into the story of Alexander Hamilton

This is an incredible opportunity for our students, and we are so appreciative to the Gilder-Lehrman Institute and our amazing teacher, Emily Freeman, for making it happen. Thank you for covering this story.

— Carol Everhart

… Salisbury man sentenced to life in prison for collision that killed couple

Seems to me if he’d still been in prison for his murder conviction, all these other tragedies could have been avoided.

— James Bostwick

… Letter: We’re better than that — relocate Fame

So you lived here 15 years and you’re going to tell us what to do about “our” problems? … How sad you have guilt for being born a different color from someone else.

— Grant Eagle

I’ve met plenty of lawyers, doctors, business owners who are people of color. Heck, our president, the most powerful man in the world, was a person of color. How can you prove discrimination when we have so many successful people who prove you wrong?

— Matt Laney

Well, I have no problem with anyone moving the statue. It is beautiful, and it is part of our history. …

I realize the Democrats are seeking to erase as much of their history as possible so I don’t think that will happen. …

The Republican Party is not busy protesting statues; they are out working to give people of color jobs and opportunities, not doing their best to keep them on welfare and in war-torn ghettos.

— Doug Isham

If it bothers you so much, re-locate yourself. If black people, or other people of color, are oppressed, maybe they should distance themselves from their Democratic slave owners, whose only interest in them is their vote.

— John Walls

I am truly sorry that you four gentlemen were not able to understand the intended message in my letter as evidenced by your comments. I am trying very hard to understand your need to be defensive, to deflect, to demean and to personally attack this writer.

— Carol Pomeroy

… Leonard Pitts: ‘The Republican Party has clearly lost its way’

Once again, Mr. Pitts eloquently and eruditely assigns to the Republican party a malady more aptly suited to the Democratic party. The GOP found its way to majorities in the House and Senate, then subsequently found its way to the White House. What Republicans have lost is a respectable, honorable, statesmanlike titular head, but at least they have a leader. Quick, name the leader of the Democratic Party. Now, which party has lost its way?

— Bruce LaRue

… School board discusses capital needs, consolidation

Things need to be done now, the sooner the better. The longer you wait, the higher the debt stacks up. You start closing schools, now you have more jobs taken away from those that deserve them. Something needs to be done now or families will keep looking elsewhere for the children’s education needs. This is getting to be unacceptable.

— Sean Fox

I am grateful that the school board and staff are willing to engage in the discussion about cost effective solutions to facility needs and the maintenance deficit. Hopefully, community support will move some cost-effective plans forward.

— Jeff Morris

… Tom Campbell: So far, scheme to transform judicial branch has failed

I will vote against all of the amendments, and agree that this government is all about power and money. Observe today’s (confirmation) of Brett Kavanaugh. Will keep trying, but am really disgusted at our current tribalism governing.

— Mary Crutchfield

Not only will I vote against all of the amendments, I will vote for a new General Assembly. Our current government is not representative of all the citizens of North Carolina. It’s all about power and money, not the best interests of all the people.

— Reginald Brown

… Brick by brick, Peru native builds a new life in Salisbury

Wonderful article about how positive attitude, patience, good work ethic and humility can help one succeed in life.

I especially enjoyed the fact of Fernando’s acceptance of Jesus’ gift of salvation. In my experience, practicing Christians make great workers.

— John Hicks

… ‘Miss Phyllis’ barn quilt brings smiles to Patterson Farm

Absolutely beautiful. Barn quilt squares were started by mother/daughter Groves in Adams County, Ohio, as a tribute to her mother and grew from there. There is a lovely book, documentary, and special features on the Eleanor Burns quilt show. So happy to see this wonderful tribute growing across the U.S. and several foreign countries.

— Sharon Bell

… High Rock Clean Sweep returns after hiatus

Great to see this happening again. It was a fun and educational opportunity for all. My children and I participated years ago and plan to again. Thank you for organizing this event. We all must step up to the plate and do our part to help in combating littering.

— Melissa Eller

… Fine Frame Gallery to celebrate 40 years

The friendliest and most skillful picture framers I have ever known. Salisbury is lucky to have y’all there!

— Steven Ray Miller

… Construction on Intimidators’ stadium to begin next month

They need to have more shaded seats than the rendering shows. That’s a major flaw.

— Tim Noland

… Salisbury Symphony presents ‘Americana Symphony’

Anyeé Farrar was astounding. She will undoubtedly move on to bigger and better things, but I hope we get the chance to have her back to Salisbury. It was inspiring to play in the orchestra supporting her performance of the Barber.

— Liz Burns