Troutman pair charged with trafficking “gray death” heroin

Published 6:25 pm Monday, October 8, 2018

STATESVILLE — The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office has charged two people with trafficking in a dangerous combination of heroin known as “gray death” after the drug was sold to undercover officers.

Iredell authorities charged Stephen Eugene Carrigan and Laura Mary Nardone, both 49, of 113 Reno Lane, Troutman, earlier this month.

Carrigan was charged with three counts of felony trafficking in heroin by sale, three counts of felony trafficking in heroin by possession, three felony counts of tracking in heroin by transport, and felony conspiracy to traffic in heroin.

Nardone was charged with two counts of felony trafficking in heroin by sale; two counts of felony trafficking in heroin by possession; two counts felony trafficking in heroin by transport; felony conspiracy to traffic in heroin; and felony possession with intent to sell or deliver a heroin.

Sheriff Darren Campbell said the two were charged after his agency received complaints from several residents of Reno Lane south of Troutman. The complaints were about suspects selling illegal narcotics.

Narcotics investigators spoke with several and sources about a residence on Reno Lane. Detectives began surveillance in the area and determined that Carrigan was selling heroin.

Carrigan sold heroin to undercover officers, authorities said, and an undercover detective noticed the heroin was grayish in color. The detective asked Carrigan about the color, and he told him it was pure heroin.

Iredell authorities said heroin in its pure state is either white or brown. A new drug called “gray death” is heroin and fentanyl mixed together. The deadly combination has been responsible for overdoses and deaths across America. Fentanyl alone can cause death just by coming in contact with it, authorities said.

Narcotics detectives purchased more than 70 grams of heroin, possibly “gray death,” with a street value of $14,02o, authorities said.

Both Carrigan and Nardone were taken to the Iredell County Detention Center. Each was issued a $600,000 secured bond.

“I would like to thank the community members for their support, trust and involvement in helping get these dangerous drugs and drug dealers away from our children and out of the community,” Campbell said. “If you sell drugs, be warned: the citizens of Iredell County and this office are not going to allow you to continue to sell. If and when we receive information, we are going to follow up and investigate each complaint. In May of this year, we arrested five suspects out of this same neighborhood.”