Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 28, 2018

… The hypocrisy
of Brett Kavanaugh

When did the memory surface? Why? Why now? In this country, it is innocent till proven guilty. Remember that.

— Cynthia Hillard

This is in the height of the defining of “date rape.” The attacks seem to follow what happens when one was drugged for the event. If that is the case, I would think this would be considered predatory in nature, not just “boys being boys.”

— James Lucas

… Letter: Keen memory, bad behavior

And let’s be clear; while there were plenty of people on the right who didn’t like Kagan or Sotomayor and still don’t (I’m among them) my issues with them, along with others on the right, begin and end with their refusal to adhere to the boundaries of the written Constitution.

That I didn’t like the way they might rule on this issue or that for this reason did not give me license to accuse either or both of them of felony sexual assault for political purposes … for the nakedly explicit purpose of trying to delay a vote until after the next election takes place rather than to address an actual grievance.

— Wes Rhinier

Everyone reacts to traumatic events in different ways. Some try to push it out of their minds, while some remember it as if it was yesterday. Dr. Ford is very credible in her assertions and has witnesses.

Of course Mr. Kavanaugh deserves due process, and Dr. Ford is open to that. What does he have to fear?

— Jenni Pfaff

The Senate should delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation until the FBI has a chance to thoroughly investigate these scurrilous accusations. That way, when he’s found innocent as a newborn lamb, the GOP can proudly ride that into the midterms. You’re sure that’ll happen, right?

— Chris Coleman

“One undeniable fact is that people who sexually assault others, without fail, display a pattern.” 

Two other accusers are ready to testify. See a pattern?

— Eric Gade

… Democratic senators in red states face lose-lose situation

It should take 67 votes for a Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation. McConnell has forever tainted our bipartisanship over the Supreme Court by making a simple majority enough. Dems will use the power when they get it back, too. With just a simple majority (Dems do away with all filibusters) they can increase the Supreme Court to 13 or 17 justices and cram it with liberals. There is nothing in the Constitution as to how many justices there can be. What goes around, comes around.

— William H. Moffitt

… Rowan-Salisbury school board revisits consolidation

Board member Richard Miller is making a lot of sense. A career-oriented technical/vocational school is a great idea in my opinion. Perhaps it could be housed at North Rowan High School, with an option for North students who don’t wish to attend the career/technical school to instead attend Salisbury High School.

From a consolidation standpoint, could Knox simply be closed and the county’s middle school population spread out among the other six middle schools?

— Doug Sokolowski

… School board debates future
of Knox

I’ve always said why not build a new building where the football field is and put the field where the school is now? Find a way for the kids to use maybe the high school for games or Livingstone or Catawba, so the kids don’t have to be in trailers.

— Shawne Stauffer

… Tennis: Salisbury’s streak ends at 186

It’s a shame the first good coverage we’ve gotten this year is for our first loss. But I suppose that is more newsworthy since we’ve won so many matches.

— Leah Campion

Salisbury also won 2A dual team championship in 2017.

— Kristin Stauffer

… NC woman charged after taking in animals during hurricane

Let’s see, water rising, people getting flooded out. (Check.)

Stinky fish being left to rot on side of road, turkey vultures’ dream.  (Check.)

Hogs and chickens drowned by the thousands. (Check.)

Coal ash and hog waste ponds breached by the rising water. (Check.)

Lady helping animals at her own cost: Oh, hell no, we cannot have that.

Priorities, people.

— Mark Lyerly

This woman was trying to help. Let her go, for Pete’s sake.

— Jennifer Doering

You have got to be kidding. … They have the nerve to arrest this woman for trying to help where others failed their obligation to their pets? I’m sure the person who authorized this arrest warrant doesn’t have a heart at all. Move on to the real crisis we have in this messed-up country. Help the people; don’t hinder them.

— Patrick Carman

… Rowan Animal Services staff aids struggling coastal communities

Love that Clai Martin, Tommy Staton and Eric Williams were willing and able to help these stranded animals and relieve exhausted people. So proud of each of you. Thank you for representing Rowan County.

— Debbie Cope

Great article about our Rowan animal enforcement. Thank you, Clai Martin and staff, for going to do what we all want to do, just help the animals and people touched by this disaster. You guys are awesome.

— Nina Dix

… Proposed amendments are
a blank check

Voter IDs are not necessary, as a nationwide study realized that only a few instances could be documented in more than 1 billion ballots over several years. An ID law unfairly impacts poor and minority citizens. Unfortunately, that’s the intent.

— Gary Clontz

I lived in Florida for years and had to use ID to vote. It’s just not a big deal. You have to use your ID for so many things; what is the problem with this? The state has already said it would get IDs in the hands of the poor. Just something about nothing.

— Yvonne Lowe Willis

What you meant to say was that it was not a big deal for you.

— West Caudle

… Young voters could impact local elections

The problem with the unaffiliated crowd “leaning towards one side or the other” is this prevalent belief that there are only two choices.

The duoploy created by the two main parties closes people off from becoming informed about alternative choices — those candidates who are independent themselves and otherwise viable “third party” candidates.

Rules and procedures for who is included in debates, election board make-up, and even election laws provide an obstacle to candidates from other than the main parties.

— Eric Shock