Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 23, 2018

1. Jenna Thompson, a volunteer for Partners in Learning, answered a call for help this past Monday to rescue something from flooding storm waters that threatened the daycare. What did Thompson keep from being harmed by the approaching waters?

A. Five hermit crabs

B. Two chickens

C. Four box turtles

D. A gerbil named Randy

2. In the days before, during and after Hurricane Florence hit the N.C. coast, three fire departments in Rowan County sent a total of 10 firefighters to the eastern part of the state. Which three departments sent personnel down east?

A. Enochville, Granite Quarry and China Grove

B. Ellis Cross Country, Spencer and Landis

C. Salisbury, Locke and Rockwell Rural

D. Poole Town, Liberty and Gold Hill

3. For a brief period last Sunday night and into Monday, a shelter was established in Salisbury for flood evacuees. Only four people ended up using the shelter, which was established where?

A. At the J.F. Hurley Family YMCA

B. At the Elizabeth Hanford Dole Chapter of the American Red Cross

C. At the F&M Trolley Barn

D. At First Baptist Church

4. Of Rowan-Salisbury Schools 35 campuses, 34 came through the winds and rain of Tropical Depression Florence without major damage. But what happened at Morgan Elementary School that led to its students missing  two extra days of school?

A. A transformer fire in Liberty knocked out power to the school for several days

B. A tree fell on three of the school’s mobile units

C. A water tower at the school fell over during the stormiest weather, leaving the school without its main water source and with limited water pressure

D. Three of the school’s main hallways and six classrooms saw significant flooding

5. Which Rowan County department sent three men to Brunswick County to help with hurricane-relief efforts?

A. Emergency Services

B. Parks and Recreation

C. Sheriff’s Office

D. Animal Services

6. Dr. Sean Malone of Salisbury is part of a non-profit group of hundreds of private pilots who have delivered supplies to more limited-access, Hurricane Florence-ravaged areas in eastern North Carolina. What is the name of that effort by Malone and other pilots?

A. Mission: Landing Gear

B. Operation Airdrop

C. Against the Flo

D. Deliver the Package

7. Through Wednesday, how many storm-related 911 calls had the Rowan County Emergency Operations Center received since tropical depression Florence started coming through the county on the previous Friday?

A. 71

B. 133

C. 264

D. 544

8.  The fund-raising campaign for a new Novant Health Rowan cancer center received a substantial lead gift from a Salisbury couple for whom the center will be named. Who were the lead donors?

A. Lee and Mona Lisa Wallace

B. Fred and Alice Stanback

C. Bill and Shari Graham

D. Paul and Sue Fisher

9. Victorino Lobos, 29, who has been visiting Salisbury since Tuesday as a guest of the Salisbury-based GRACES organization, flew in an airplane for the first time in making the trip. What country does Lobos call home?

A. Costa Rica

B. Venezuela

C. Guatemala

D. Trinidad

10. “Saluting Branches” represented men and women who devoted a service day this past week at the Salisbury National Cemetery. What group of people does Saluting Branches take in?

A. Veteran honor guards

B. Landscapers

C. Quarrymen

D. Arborists


1. B.
2. C.
3. A.
4. C.
5. D.
6. B.
7. C.
8. A.
9. C.
10. D.