Local woman urges others to find their purpose

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 23, 2018

“The Importance of Me: Advice From a Friend,” by Dr. Nicole Sherrill-Corry.

The emphasis on me in the title put me off a bit, but Dr. Nicole Sherrill-Corry’s book, “The Importance of Me: Advice from a Friend,” does contain helpful admonitions, serious talk and a sincere purpose.

Sherrill-Corry has a degree in criminal justice from Livingstone College and a master of science in criminal justice and doctorate in counseling studies from Capella University.

She draws on her life experience and those of others for this book.

Sherrill-Corry was also my neighbor at one point, and always easy to talk to. She has lots of positive energy, despite many negative experiences, and has worked hard to improve her life and share her knowledge with others.

She is the founder of Women Embracing Excellence, a non-profit organization that “focuses on building Power Women who embrace their space.” She is also the founder and CEO of NSC Behavioral Concepts, which promotes self-reliance and independence.

In an early chapter, Who Are You?, Sherrill-Corry writes, “In my opinion, your purpose is your God-given talent that needs to be brought to fruition for you to live life to the fullest. In essence, it’s the main thing that God intended for you to achieve while you’re on this earth.”

So it follows that the best chapter in the book is Purpose. Sherrill-Corry encourages people to seek their purpose in life, to really look for it, work towards it and then enjoy the feeling of finding it and doing it.

“The moment you find out your purpose is the moment you really start living. When you trust and believe in God, everything falls into place.

“This doesn’t mean you’re going to be consistently happy, or that everything in your life will be perfect. Sometimes things will be rough. There will be moments of pain, sadness, fear and grief. After all, we’re human and tough times don’t always mean you’ve done something wrong. Sometimes, things just happen.”

Sherrill-Corry determined years ago that she would improve herself and succeed at her dream, and though she’s had a rough road, she says she has found her purpose.

She advises women, in particular, to stop being afraid of what might happen if they do try. “If you aren’t happy with the choices you’re making, you’re basically scared to live your life. You’re sabotaging yourself and stunting your own growth.”

The book advocates the value of true friendship, the importance of perseverance, and the vital role faith plays. Sherrill-Corry believes in surrendering to God’s will, but she also believes God gives people tools they can use in life, to get through good times and bad.

You may not like some of what she writes, but the book has valid take-home advice that can help anyone who is at a crossroads, or someone who is uncertain about their future.

Though she deals with some tough adult issues, this book would be suitable for teen girls who are facing some of life’s toughest challenges, just being a teenager. With the pressures of social media, the negative tone in America and the #MeToo movement, young women do need to be reminded that they can and should be making better choices. They need to be empowered to break free from low expectations and find their strength.

The book is available at Amazon and at her office, 1915 W. Innes St.