Letter: Shame on Nike

Published 9:34 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Nike just gave every person who has served our country — especially the ones that gave their lives for our country and all the ones who came back all mangled up and the veterans — a big smack in the face.

Shame on you, Nike and anyone who buys Nike products.

It’s a sad day when big corporations stoop to this much disrespect for our service men and women and glorify an undeserving person.

My father was in the Marines during the Korean War and was so, so proud to serve the country he loved. I am so glad he is not here to see such disrespect for our president, our service men and women and our country.

I know a lot of people could care less about all that’s going on in America today. All you whiny little pansies who would not even support our government, think about this: When war starts again and not enough people are joining our military, the draft can always be reinstated, and you can go lie in a fox hole in 130-degree heat. There’s not going to be Mommy or Daddy to cater to you sorry little butts. Then you will be glad to stand for our flag, with your hand over your heart and your eyes toward heaven, thanking God you live in this awesome USA.

Proud to be an American and a proud supporter of our President Donald Trump.

— Tammy Jordan

China Grove