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Deeds — first half of August

Deeds Issued from the office of the Register of Deeds John Brindle for the first half of August

Atwell Township

• Patrick B. Palmer; Christine B. Palmer, Benjamin F. Palmer; Patricia F. Palmer to Caitlin Ritchie-Lane; Susan Lane, $183,000

• Foley Homes Sales, LLC to Richard C. Arnold and wife, $261,000

• Walter H. Sova, III and wife to Scott Bagshaw, $50,000

• Cynthia R. Thompson and husband to James Michael Smith and spouse, $170,000

• Heritage Partners, Trustee of the RVR #1 Irrevocable Trust Agreement to Charles M. Shrewsbury and wife, $15,000

• Richard Carlyle Knox, Jr. and wife; Kathy K. Martin and husband; Thomas Andrew Knox to CMH Homes, Inc., $34,000

• Foley Home Sales, LLC to Adam R. Bordies and wife, $244,000

• Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, $74,500

• Michael H. Cheek and wife to Michael H. Cheek, Trustee of the Michael H. Cheek Revocable Declaration of Trust,, 2 parcels $103,000

• Linda Furr Childress and husband; Michael Eugene Furr and wife to Topaz Development, 5 parcels $40,000

China Grove Township

• Step Properties, LLC to Deborah Joyce Draper, $88,000

• Lewis E. Wilson to Journey Investment Group, LLC China Grove $165,000

• Carole Carlton Brooke, to Cory S. Friedman and spouse, $216,000

• Chapiro & Ingle, LLP to Nationwide Financial Real Estate Holdings, $107,000

• All 4 U Homes, LLC to Dan S. Adkins and wife, $127,000

• Bobby Vance Griffin to Thomas E. Price and wife, $82,000

• Francisco Villa-Amaya and spouse to Victor H. Hernandez and spouse, $155,000

• Trustee Management Services, LLC to Mariza Saucedo Fraire ; Javier Jaines Betancourt, $135,000

• Sarah Kathryn Moore and husband to Lauren Cheyenne Hinson and husband, $155,000

• WJH, LLC to Kevin Sumner, $177,000

• Earl J. Finster and wife to Richard L. Conley and wife, $172,000

• WJH, LLC to Alan E. Suarez, $150,200

• Brown Russell Enterprises, LLC to Randy E. Bentley Construction, $17,500

• True Homes, LLC to Marcos Aurelio Pantaleon and spouse, $179,500

• Jane D. Welborne and husband to David N. Vail, $650,000

• Joel Stofford and spouse to Adelaido Villafuerte Hernandez and spouse, $105,000

• True Homes, LLC to Annie Samonekeo, $220,000

• Leticia Sanchez-Guillen and spouse to Matthew A. Belk, $35,000

• David S. Duncan and wife to Deborah G. Cox and husband, $204,000

• Darryl L. Barbee to Donald W. Freeman, $5,000

• RTR Homes, Inc; Chad Homes, LLC to Dawn Williams, $128,000

• William Mark Goodman and wife; Dennis Paul Goodman; Wanda G. Beaver and husband; Rhonda G. Lambert; Sandra G. Helms and husband to Sandra G. Helms and husband $60,000

• Carmen Honeycutt Steen, Executor of the Estate of Eugene Talmadge Hall; Carmen Honeycutt Steen and husband; Sharlyn Lefler Smith and husband; Jeri W. Hall and husband; Marty Eugene Lefler to Anna Kelm and husband, $305,000

• True Homes, LLC to Jonathan Torrence and spouse, $209,000

• True Homes, LLC to Paul Joseph Plantamura, $164,000

• True Homes, LLC to Stephanie M. Featherson, $185,000

• Dependable Development, Inc. to True Homes, LLC, $78,500

• Dependable Development, Inc. to True Homes, LLC, $78,500

• Paul J. Smilie and wife to Monica Dulce Delgado, $217,000

• Alice Dale Combs Jones and spouse; David Franklin Combs and spouse to Sabrina H. Hartley Black, $116,500

• True Homes, LLC to Cameron Olton, $195,500

• Brain Redhing, Jr. and spouse to Nicholas H. Stroupe, $145,000

• Maureen G. Woodsom to Maria I. Chaparro and husband, $157,500

• Robin Angela Carver and husband; Amy Marie Scott Sullivan and husband; Hannah Sullivan to Robin Angela Carver and husband, $16,500

• Peggy Jean Korny, Successor Trustee of the Broome Living Trust to Everette E. Cranford, $90,000

• Alice Marie Anderson to Garrett Allen Anderson, $73,500

• Alice Oleksy to Armando Pacheco-Mejia and wife, $40,000

• True Homes, LLC to Rogelio Castro, $169,500

• Terry Linker and wife; Pamela L. Baneycastle; Randy Linker; Jeffrey Linker and wife; Steve Linker and wife to Ashley L. Moore, $160,000

• Kenneth Amanuel Alexander to New Life Developers, LLC, $18,000

• David Miller Realty & Investment Inc. to Haley Elizabeth Lowder, $183,000

• AmeriHome Mortgage Company, LLC to Robert Johnson Morgan and wife, $96,000

• True Homes, LLC to Cornelius M. Robinson and spouse, $222,500

• Tony Lee Power, Jr. and wife; Jamie Harold Morris and wife to Blake Franklin Mills, $170,000

• Grasam, Inc to David Miller Realty & Investment, Inc., $19,000

• Jeffrey Paul Fritts, Trustee of the William Thomas Griffin Trust to Hanna Prince, $123,000

• Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Michael Biddy; Jason Lee Overcash, $170,000

• Gerald Wayne Chaffin to Samuel A. Craven and wife, $240,000

• Gerald Wayne Chaffin to Samuel A. Craven and wife, $1,000

• Marvin M. Fleharty and wife to 704 Builders, Inc., $70,000

• Kenmar Enterprises, LLC; Mary J. Freeman to GHMR Properties, LLC, $53,500

• Donahue Properties, Inc. to Shelby Belk and husband, 2 parcels $200

• Shelby Belk and husband to Matthew J. Dwyer, 2 parcels $165,000

Cleveland Township

• Festival Properties, LLC to Christine H. Brown, $130,000

Franklin Township

• Elias T. Graham and wife to David W. Hewett and wife, $174,000

• Wilbert P. Campagna and wife to Christopher W. Johnson and wife, $190,000

• Eladio Cintron-Mercado to Solution Home Buyers, LLC, $47,500

• Solution Home Buyers, LLC to Carolina’s Finest Properties, LLC, $59,000

• David Anderson and wife to Lydia Tabitha Nicopuls, $72,500

• Santos Francisco Pleitez and wife to Jose H. Monge-Galeano, $125,000

• Roy A. Lucas; Karen K. Lucas to Willard S. Pleasants, $169,000

• Kyle J. Huffman to Timothy K. Smith and wife; Parker J. Smith, $9,500

• Constance S. Brault and husband to Roland Venne, $76,000

• William J. Wingate and wife to David J. Leclaire, $225,000

• Melvin J. Mahanna to Christopher J. Kleinsorge and wife, $180,000

• Charles Stanley Moore and wife to Marlena H. Johnson, $15,000

• Cecelia I. Burleyson to Jacob N. Keever; Brittany L. Pegram, $106,000

• Nevada L. Rabon to Nevada L. Rabon; Karen Rabon Broyhill; Luther Kent Rabon; Kelly Lesser Pagillo; Rhetton Alexander Summers; Joseph G. Alvarez, $1,500

• Julia A. Thomason and spouse to John A. Linker and spouse,, 2 parcels $250,000

Gold Hill Township

• Huneycutt Law, PCCS, Substitute Trustee to BMS Investment Properties, LLC, Gold Hill $29,000

• Ken Kellis Buildres, Inc. to Bryce L. Kimrey and wife, Gold Hill $336,000

• Michael A. Frost and wife to Kimberly Shumaker; Wilson Lopez, Gold Hill $136,000

• Cathy Austin Bebber and husband to Kyle C. Leslie, Gold Hill $144,000

• Jennifer E. Burke; David Proctor to Nicholas Guertin, Gold Hill $118,000

• John Price and wife to Jeremy Fraley and wife, Gold Hill $32,000

• Main Street Trustees, LLC to Farmers & Merchants Bank, Gold Hill $56,000

• Timothy W. Poole and wife to Mark Anthony King and wife, Gold Hill $155,000

Litaker Township

• Robert Paul Cherry, Jr. and wife to Kenneth Roger Simpson and wife, $130,000

• Deidre D. DeFlorentis, Substitute Trustee to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., $50,000

• Tarheel Property Group, LLC to Paul Bardinas and wife, $80,000

• David A. Burgess and wife to Brenda B. Ashley; Jody Ashley Hood and Brian Scott Ashley, $169,000

• Cindy L. Harris and spouse to Laura Hassay and spouse, $190,000

• kLinda Lynn Hamby to David W. Tippett, $125,000

• Marvin R. Query to Brenda Sprinkle Bernhardt, $202,000

• Thomas Wesley Gantt and wife to Timothy C. Hendren and wife, $286,000

Locke Township

• Quality Refurbished Homes, LLC to Melodie Hinson, $176,500

• Buller River Development Partners, LP to Lynn R. Perry, $150,000

• Sue V. MacLamroc; Ronald A. MacLamroc and wife; Debra Lynn Hlliard, by her attorney-in-fact, Sue V. MacLamroc; Manuel Edmundo Canseco and wife, by their attorney-in-fact, Ryan Donald MacLamroc to Holly Bowen; Cale Ervin, $218,000

• WJH LLC to Michael Kasey and spouse, $139,000

• Mark J. Latva and wife to Kevin Bernard Kerr; Lisa Marie Woodke, $231,000

• Stone Trustee Services, LLC to Bike Homes, LLC, $14,500

Morgan Township

• Margaret Hill Lyerly; Edith L. Cauble and husband; Laura R. Lyerly; Sara L. Draper and husband to Edward Brawley and wife, $84,500

• Brian Thomas Foil and wife; Derek Eugene Mowry and wife to Derek Eugene Mowry and wife, $125,000

Mt. Ulla Township

• Janie P. Keser to Jason Lee Overcash; Michael Todd Biddy, $40,000

• Timothy Scott Dyson to Joshua Young, $170,000

Providence Township

• James Christopher Lee Barringer and wife to William T. Gittings and wife, $157,000

• Mary Kay Dyson, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Estate of Kathleen Sheila MacDonald Caci, and husband; Michelle Ruth Hall, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Estate of Kathleen Sheila MacDonald Caci, and husband to Melody Riddle, $13,000

• Vickie G. Lane to Debra Goodman Smith, $50,000

• Travis M. Helms and wife to Elijah Dakota Stapleton; Austin Joshua Crantz, $87,000

• Dean J. Brasseur and spouse to Brad Allan Hovis and spouse, $168,000

• Edward H. Coultress and spouse to Mark Wayne Grundahl and spouse, $182,000

• James Y. Faust, acting as Commissioner; Michael A. Peeler, Executor of the Estate of Ethel Eloise Peeler to Dawn L. Peeler, $120,000

• JSSP, LLC to William Jeffery Wynne and wife, $325,000

• Douglas T. Sloop and wife to Thomas H. Nichols and wife, $335,000

• Richard Eugene Hammac and wife; Jonathan Lee Laws and wife to Marc A. Webb, $135,000

• Paul Frederick Swink, Jr.; Chin-Ying Swink to Marc Collins; Donna Collins, $25,000

• Mark L. Fisher; Misty S. Fisher to Douglas T. Sloop; Tracy M. Sloop, $58,000

• Michael A. Kepley and wife to Adhiraj Virk and wife, 2 parcels $237,000

• T. Bentley Leonard to Luke Schwarz; Andrea Schwarz, 2 parcels $180,000

• Linda C. McNabb; Steve G. McNabb and wife; Virginia M. Earnhardt; James Bryan McNabb and wife to Cynthia H. Barnhardt, 2 parcels $182,000

Salisbury Township

• David J. Duke and wife to William Corey Basinger and wife, $275,000

• Wayne Andrew Fioranelli; Mark Anthony  to Lindsey N. Shoaf, $130,000

• Jeffery Paul Leonard and spouse to Rachel Olson, $80,000

• Typhoon International, DE, LP to PCM Real Estate, LLC, $19,500

• Billy Wease and spouse to Stacy Pepper, $26,500

• Keith R. Turner to Janet Denise Ross Allen, $125,000

• John A. Linker and spouse to Jackie Lee Ketterman, III and wife, $170,000

• James H. Charles and wife to William H. Charles, $13,500

• James H. Charles and wife to William H. Charles, $7,500

• Gergory R. Matthews and wife to Timothy Ogden, $85,000

• Buller River Development Partners, LP to Tyson K. Benson and wife, $150,000

• Ralph A. Ham, Jr. and wife to Quyen Cao Tuong Nguyen, $170,000

• Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee to Towd Point Mortgage Trust, $151,500

• Carolinas Real Estate Investment Group, LLC to Old Concord Road, LLC, $715,000

• Octagon Investments, LLC to 1302 Old Concord Road, LLC, $75,000

• Premier Federal Credit Union to Todd Werner, $49,000

• Integrity Investing, LLC to Wright Laine Properties, LLC, $32,000

• Robert Daniel Gibson and wife to Joseph A. Ramsbotham and wife, $85,000

• US Bnak National Association to Mirna Pineda, $32,500

• WJH, LLC to Heather Simpson and spouse, $168,000

• Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Ally Bank, $207,000

• Timmy E. McQueen and wife to Chad Bebber and wife, $321,000

• Prince Charles Condominiums, LLC to Frank M. Montgomery, $120,000

• WJH, LLC to Melinda Hardaker and spouse, $151,500

• Hoang K. Nguyen and wife to David L. Dechow and wife, $310,000

• Matthew K. Goslant and wife to Michael D. Stadler and wife, $400,000

• Myra Lynn Burleyson Heard and husband to Michael C. Kitchin, $225,000

• Russell E. Roy, Jr. and wife to John D. Lewis and wife, $71,000

• Dennis Drury and wife to Byron Scott Miller, $80,000

• Thomas J. Cipolla and wife to Robert J. Heilig, Jr. and wife, $225,000

• Todd W. Oles an wife to Lloyd S. Phillips and wife, $81,500

• Glass Door Investments, LLC to Tylor Bruce Harry and wife, $178,000

• Buller River Development, Partners, LP to Curtis L. Graf and wife, $205,500

• SMV Salisbury, LLC to Salisbury Propco, LLC, $10,900,000

• Jessica S. Harris and husband to Samuel E. Golden; Dwayne Jones, $5,000

• Souder Properties, Inc. to Pavilion JL – Salisbury, LLC, $290,000

• Coco Properties, LLC to Mercedes Baque, $29,000

• Peter Lirvall to Thomas W. Ward, $90,000

• Michael D. Morgan and wife to Thomas Odell Cashatt, $35,000

• 3 Wise, Inc. to Andrew N. Frick and wife, $541,500

Scotch Irish Township

• Donald R. Morrison and wife to Roger Dale Williams and wife, $260,000

Unity Township

• Barbara Ann B. Langford and husband to Jeremiah Shade Robinson and wife, $67,000



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