Letter: No ‘dot com’ here

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 26, 2018

Thank you, Judith Gardner for your letter (“Forcing the internet on us,” Aug. 14). How true. I have been wanting to write about the same thing but haven’t taken the time.

I despise to hear “www” and  “dot com.” Did not grow up in the computer world and I don’t care to join it.

My job pertained to working in legal offices in Forest City, Kannapolis, Greensboro and Tennessee. We had IBM typewriters, a copier and comfortable typing chairs. We also spoke to real people on the phone, didn’t have to leave a message and no one called. We got the job done and did it right.

Since my earlier days many changes have been made, some good, some not. Everybody doesn’t live by the computer. It can help people lose their jobs and maybe businesses. In the future, we won’t need people. Just go to the internet. Big deal!

(I do think the fax machine is good. )

— Linda Connelly