Senior citizens get help to stay hydrated

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 20, 2018

Meals on Wheels

Temperatures around Rowan County have been high this summer, and North Carolinians are soaking up the rays.

While summer means going to the beach for many local families, some of our most vulnerable residents are suffering.

Senior citizens are especially sensitive to high temperatures. Dehydration, heat strokes and other heat-related illnesses are a serious concern that can lead to myriad health problems, especially in the summer.

Meals on Wheels of Rowan County is supporting its clients this summer with the help of two local companies.

Food Lion arranged the donation of two pallets of bottled water from Diamond Creek Water Co. Cheerwine donated its Blue Mist water.

These donations allow Meals on Wheels to send a bottle of water to clients each week. Every water bottle is labeled with a reminder to drink a lot of water.

“Many of our meal participants do not drink enough water and having a water bottle in front of them encourages them to do so,” said┬áSandy Combs, program director of Meals on Wheels Rowan. “Homebound seniors are normally not very active, and they do not feel the need to rehydrate. But water is essential to the continued functioning of all bodily organs and the brain.

“Dehydration often sneaks up on seniors, causing decreased urinary output, lack of perspiration and confusion,” Combs said. “Our volunteers are trained to look for changes or signs of confusion. Occasionally, Meals on Wheels intervenes by contacting the participants emergency contact or emergency medical services.”