Letter: No to intimidating technology

Published 11:12 pm Saturday, August 18, 2018

This letter addresses Ms. Judith Gardner’s letter in Tuesday’s paper (“Forcing the internet on us”) referring to our newspaper cutting back on two daily editions.

Personally, l couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t pertain to me per se, but it certainly applies to many members of my family. Electronic technology is the one thing that intimidates many people, especially our seniors. So much of our lives have been impacted by computers. Some for the better, some not.

Not only does it take away from our newspaper, it will eventually cause printed magazines, books, school textbooks, etc., to become obsolete.

Because technology moves at such high rate of speed and is forever being upgraded, many, many people have difficulty with this, especially our seniors. I understand her frustration and feel her pain.

I feel a huge resentment that banking and health care are in this same boat for our seniors, too. They oftentimes have to have a family member assist them. This lets others into our most confidential information; that would normally never happen otherwise.

It is a crying shame that there is no recourse toward simplicity for our seniors; pen-and-paper is practically obsolete now. I recently saw my granddaughter’s handwriting. She was signing and addressing thank you cards for her graduation gifts. I was shocked. Her high school penmanship looked to be that of a third-grader. That would be another story …

— Gwen Johnson

China Grove