Letter: Salisbury Post like a letter from home

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 16, 2018

Like many citizens in Salisbury and Rowan County, we were disappointed to see our Salisbury Post reduce its print publication to five days a week. However, with the rising costs of printing a paper and the advances in technology, we understand the rationale and necessity for doing so. Many other national and regional newspapers have also merged or ceased publication in recent years.

On a personal note, I first started reading the Salisbury Post in the third grade when my teacher required us to give a weekly news report to the class. I’ve never stopped. In fact, my family would always drive to Mooney’s at Windy Hill Beach in South Carolina just to purchase a Salisbury Post during summer vacations in the 1950s and later.

I kept a mail subscription to the Post throughout my four years in college and during my six years in the U.S. Air Force stationed throughout the world and including Vietnam. The Post was always like a letter from home. In many respects, it still is.

As Salisburians, we should feel very fortunate to have one of the finest local newspapers in the entire state. We also appreciate the excellent Post staff who work tirelessly to continue many of the traditions set by the Hurley family years ago. Thank you, Salisbury Post.

— Ronnie Smith