Yesterday: a little girl’s birthday party in the 1950s

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 12, 2018

Edith Folger Julian sent in this photo, which she thinks was taken in 1952. It shows children gathered around the cake and presents at Libby Aull’s third birthday party at 828 N. Jackson St. in Salisbury. Libby was daughter of Francis and Mickey Aull, and the photo was taken by Libby’s uncle, Philip Aull. ‘After the pictures were taken, refreshments of ice cream, cupcakes, candy and Cokes were served by Misses Edith Folger and Susan Swartz,’ a newspaper recap said. ‘Those enjoying the afternoon were Kyona Peninger, Janette and Bennie Dunn, Dennis Morris, Jerry Wagoner, Iris Russell, Reggie and Callie Jordan, Stevie Surratt, Brenda and Tommie Clark, Donna Wise, Susan Swartz, Edith Folger and Libby’s brother, Frank.’