Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 12, 2018

1. Capital Bank on Faith Road launched a nonprofit group in Salisbury this past Thursday that will help people with financial literacy and economic education. What is the name of that agency?
A. Money Sense
B. Behind the Bucks
C. Cash Rich
D. Operation Hope

2. The Salisbury Post announced last week it would print a newspaper five days a week instead of seven because of rising costs of newsprint and aluminum plates. What days will the Post not publish?
A. Monday and Tuesday
B. Tuesday and Wednesday
C. Friday and Saturday
D. Saturday and Monday

3. The Hefner VA Medical Center held a ribbon-cutting for two additions. What are the new facilities?
A. An emergency room and radiology lab
B. A pharmacy and new operating room suite
C. A visitors lounge/restaurant and MRI unit
D. A clinical laboratory and intensive care unit

4. Rowan-Salisbury Schools held a kickoff breakfast on Wednesday in recognition of becoming the state’s first renewal school district. Which one of these dignitaries did not attend?
A. Gov. Roy Cooper
B. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson
C. State Sen. Tom McInnis
D. State Sen. Dan Barrett

5. What Granite Quarry business celebrated its 50th year in operation this past Wednesday?
A. The Hot Dog Shack
B. Slice of Heaven
C. Granite Knitwear
D. Price Pharmacy

6. Beginning with the new school year, China Grove Elementary will be classified as an “A+ School.” What does that designation mean?
A. The school will integrate arts into other subject areas and other subject areas into the arts
B. The school earned the A+ rating based on end-of-year testing
C. Thanks to Rowan-Salisbury Schools being a renewal district, China Grove Elementary will become a magnet school for advanced math and science students
D. The “A+” designation from the National Education Association goes to schools where more than 75 percent of the faculty have master’s degrees or higher

7. Catawba College has established a school meant to encompass 217 undergraduate students with majors in this area. What is the name of the new school?
A. School of Philosophy and World Studies
B. School of Health Sciences and Human Performance
C. School of Kinesiology and Physiology
D. School of Culinary Arts and Nutrition

8. Salisbury Mayor Al Heggins sparked considerable discussion among fellow City Council members on Tuesday when she introduced a “Resolution of Reconciliation.” The resolution aimed at being part of a restorative justice process whose ultimate goal “is to achieve a sense of healing by diligently and intentionally repairing the harm done to the victim, the offender and the community.” The resolution particularly addressed what event or events in Salisbury’s past?
A. Numerous Ku Klux Klan marches in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s.
B. The 1906 deaths of a white family and the subsequent mob lynchings of three accused African-American males who were never tried
C. The 1909 installation of the Confederate monument
D. The thousands of Union soldier deaths at Salisbury Confederate Prison during the Civil War

9. The Rowan County Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 total Resource Campaign will kick off Monday at Trinity Oaks. What is the dress-up theme?
A. “Go Hawaiian: Lei’s Get It Started”
B. “Bigfoot Madness: We’re Not Done Yeti”
C. “Be the Voice: ’60s Style”
D. “Flapper Is Dapper: We’re Roaring Ahead”

10. Don Stickler’s vehicle recently captured a first-place trophy in the early cars, 1900-1965 category at the All-Ford Show, held at the N.C. Transportation Museum. What model car does Stickler have?
A. A 1956 Crown Victoria
B. A 1963 Ford Falcon
C. A 1958 Ford Thunderbird
D. A 1957 Ford Edsel


1. D
2. D
3. D
4. A
5. C
6. A
7. B
8. B
9. C
10. A