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Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 12, 2018

More about NT
Recently a question came up regarding acceptable responses to a 1NT opener by partner. Many who don’t play the 2 over 1 system still use the point count NT responses. These are: 1NT 6-9 points, 2NT 10-12 points and 3NT 12 and more points. These do not necessarily say anything about whether or not responder has a major suit. This allows original bidder, knowing how many points partnership has, to ask for more information from responder or place the contract where he feels is best. The convention card should state whether 2 over 1 or a quantitative NT is being used. In any event if you have any questions about what a bid means, it is your responsibility to ask about that bid.
For those of you who are looking for Gold, there is a Gold Rush Regional being held in Williamsburg, Va. at the Doubletree Inn Sept. 28-30. For full info consult the ACBL website under tournaments.
The Friday, Aug. 3 Evergreen game was designated as Joe O’Brien Chocolate Friday. This was his last game before moving to Wilmington. We hope he finds a happy bridge family there.
Winning this game were: N/S 1st Ruth Bowles and Marie Pugh, 2nd Pat Featherston and Dick Brisbin, 3rd Wade Lowder and Fred Bachl, 4th Anita Graham and Wayne Pegram; E/W 1st Judy Gealy and Fern Albracht, 2nd Lawana Ford and Patsy Reynolds. 3rd Marnie and Charles Buchta, tied for 4th/5th Joe O’Brien and Genny Mozolak with Jean and Loyd Hill
Featured is board #5 from the 08/03 game N/S vulnerable North dealer

S 9 7 5 3 2
H A 6
D A J 6 4
C 8 5

WEST:            EAST:
S Q T 8            S J
H Q J 8 3        H K 4 2
D T 5               D K 9 7 3 2
C K Q 7 2        C J T 4 3

S A K 6 4
H T 9 7 5
D Q 8
C A 9 6

This is a bit different. All N/S pairs bid 3S making 4 but 1 E/W went on to bid 4H going down 1 trick for the best E/W score. How can N/S find game?
Our Tuesda, Aug. 7 Women’s Club Club Championship game winners were: N/S 1st Wade Lowder and Fred Bachl, 2nd Becky Creekmore and Pat Macon, 3rd Mack Brown and Marvin Jones; E/W 1st Nancy Stanback and Fern Albracht, 2nd Georgia Sorensen and John McLaughlin, 3rd Margaret and Chuck Rimer.
Our last Tuesday at the Women’s Club will be Aug. 28. The first game for the replacement game with the new name of Bridge at Rufty will be Sept. 5 at Rufty- Holmes Senior Center.

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