Local youth participate in Rowan County Jr. Dairy Show

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 10, 2018

By Laura Allen

Rowan County 4-H Agent

The Rowan County Jr. Dairy Show was held Aug. 1 at the Rowan County Fairgrounds. This show, which is annually hosted by the Rowan County Holstein Club in cooperation with Rowan County Cooperative Extension, allows local youth to showcase their dairy cattle.

A majority of the youth involved in this show are from dairy farming families within Rowan County. These youth have the unique opportunity to experience the dairy farming life on a daily basis and enjoy showing their prized animals at the dairy show. Others involved in the show have connections to the dairy industry through friendships, work, school, FFA or 4-H that have enabled them to get involved in showing dairy animals.

Ethan Holland of Iredell County was the judge for this show. He first judged the youth on showmanship. The youth are judged on how well they exhibit their animals. Youth are expected to set their animals up correctly, hold their animals’ heads up, watch the judge, and always make their animals look their best. The judge will often ask questions to test the youth’s knowledge of the dairy industry or their individual animal.

Those participating in showmanship at the Rowan County Jr. Dairy Show include:

Cloverbud (ages 5-8): Grey Braddy, Pyper Dement, Brayden Foster, Olivia Foster, Ansley Hoffner, Maggie Mixson, Anabelle Moore, Finn Moore, Jenna Simon, Patrick Williams.

Junior (ages 9-12): Phineas Mixson (first), Owen Hoffner (second), Bryson Dement (third).

Intermediate (ages 13-15): Haley Foster (first), Harrison Shell (second).

Senior (ages 16-19): Colby Menius (first), Alexus Litaker (second), John Lee (third).

All Cloverbud showmen received a blue ribbon for participation. The first place winners in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Showmanship classes will have a show halter ordered for them.

Following showmanship, the dairy show continued with a type show for each breed. In this show, the dairy animals were judged on their physical characteristics.

For those of you who have ever competed in a dairy judging competition before, you know that there are lots of physical traits that are important in the makeup of a good dairy animal. In the type show, animals are compared to other animals of the same breed and age range and are ranked, starting with the best dairy animal.

Dairy heifers are judged on their style and general appearance, dairy character, rear feet and legs and overall size. Dairy cows are judged on their udder quality, dairy strength, rear feet and legs and frame.

The results of the type show are as follows:

Ayrshire: Brayden Foster’s winter heifer calf won first place and was also Junior Champion and Grand Champion of the Ayrshire breed.

Brown Swiss: Brayden Foster’s spring heifer calf won first place and was also Junior Champion and Grand Champion of the Brown Swiss breed.

Guernsey: Brayden Foster’s fall yearling heifer won first place and was also Junior Champion and Grand Champion of the Guernsey breed.


Spring Heifer Calf: Alexus Litaker (first);

Winter Heifer Calf: Bryson Dement (first), Patrick Williams (second);

Spring Yearling Heifer: Ansley Hoffner (first), Owen Hoffner (second), John Lee (third), Phineas Mixson (fourth);

Winter Yearling Heifer: Alexus Litaker (first);

Fall Yearling Heifer: Haley Foster (first), Owen Hoffner (second);

4-Year-Old Cow: Owen Hoffner (first);

Junior Champion: Fall Yearling Heifer shown by Haley Foster;

Senior Champion: 4-Year-Old Cow shown by Owen Hoffner;

Grand Champion: Fall Yearling Heifer shown by Haley Foster.


Spring Heifer Calf: Grey Braddy (first), Maggie Mixson (second), Anabelle Moore (third), Jenna Simon (4th);

Winter Heifer Calf: Pyper Dement (first), Finn Moore (second), Harrison Shell (third);

Fall Heifer Calf: Colby Menius (first);

Summer Yearling Heifer: Olivia Foster (first), Harrison Shell (second);

Spring Yearling Heifer: Olivia Foster (first), Harrison Shell (second), Colby Menius (third);

Winter Yearling Heifer: Colby Menius (first);

2-Year-Old Cow: Finn Moore (first);

Junior Champion: Winter Yearling Heifer show by Colby Menius;

Senior Champion: 2-Year-Old Cow show by Finn Moore;

Grand Champion: Winter Yearling Heifer show by Colby Menius.

These youth are the future of the dairy industry and represented the dairy industry well during this dairy show. Congratulations to all youth for a job well done!

Rowan County Cooperative Extension is at 2727-A Old Concord Road. Call 704-216-8970. Laura Allen  is the 4-H agent.