Deeds — July 15-20

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 5, 2018

Deeds issued from the office of the Register of Deeds John Brindle, July 15-20

Atwell Township

• Timothy D. Stilwell and wife to Andrew Kelemecz and wife, $155,000

•Amy Snider Shue to G & P Staton Family Trust, $283,000

•Larry D. Ricketts to Anne M. Gardner; Kevin S. Allen, $398,000

• Gail Felker Boyles and husband to Jacob Allen Stirewalt and wife, $259,000

• John T. Hudson, Administrator CTA of David Manuel Bradley Estate; The American Heart Association; The American Optometric Association; The National Foundation for Cancer Research to Jason Bradley Smith, $144,000

• MCS Auctions, LLC to New Covenant Partners VIII, LLC, $1,300,000

• US Bank National Association to Pedro Gonzalez, $37,000

• Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee to Rabon Properties 2, LLC, $47,500

• Jeffrey R. Ritchie and wife to Christopher Sechler, $188,000

• Galen A. Grant to Wayne E. Severance and wife, $125,000

• CMH Homes, Inc. to C. Steve Beaver and wife, $206,500

• Mary Frances Sherrill Carlson and husband to CMH Homes, Inc., $60,000

• Mary Frances Sherrill Carlson and husband to Teddy L. Bullard and wife, $158,000

• Patresa A. Rosas and husband to Carl E. Honbarger and wife, $55,000

China Grove Township

• Sharon Easley and husband to Katalina O. Weatherman and husband,  $389,000

• Timothy B. Long and wife to N.C. Department of Transportation, $55,000

• Robert Charles Meyers and wife to William D. Wyatt, Jr. and wife, $278,000

• Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, $50,500

• Carolina Builders of Cabarrus, Inc. to Tawanna N. Harris, $133,000

• Adams Unlimited, LLC to Teramore Development, LLC, $260,000

• Jacqueline Ann Emery to Aaron Scott Morgan, $274,000

• JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association to Matthew Selmer, $24,500

• Carolyn Trexler-Ervin to East Avenue Properties, LLC, $42,000

• Joseph Michael Sansalone to William D. Shepard, $50,000

• Michael Chisholm to David Michael Burney and wife, $290,000

• Trent Cherry Interests, LLC to Lynn J. Geisler, $145,000

• Glass Door Investments, LLC to John P. Howard and wife, $105,000

• James M. Bare, II to Anna R. Worley, $143,000

• Steven Joseph Hilla to Karlene R. Crawford, $190,000

• Peggy D. Hurst to Billy E. Reavis and wife, $141,000

• Tammie Li Langley to Keith Jackson Glenn and spouse, $95,000

• Revere Property Investments, LLC to Sharon Aldrich and husband, $140,000

• Bruce D. Jones and wife to Marion N. Ball and wife, $119,000

• Kathryn A. Voegeli and spouse to Kimberly J. Magee; Kathleen Dry; Michael A. Propst and wife, $8,500

• Jo C. Overcash and husband; Dorothy C. Eller; Harold Lee Christopher and wife; Gretchen Anthony; Justin Anthony to CMH Homes, Inc., $18,000

• Joseph L. Zanolini and wife to Dwight H. Reynolds and wife, $415,000

• Genela Lynne Woodard to Brandon Nieto Sanchez, $9,000

• Jane Corbett Lowery to Kristen A. Jansen and husband, $99,000

• Lathan E. Collins and wife to Susie M. Torrence and spouse, $186,500

• Patti W. Curlee to Brandon S. Layton, Inc., $17,500

• Laura Engle Evans and husband to Elizabeth Engle Norton, $157,000

• Jacquelyne Gungor, Executrix of the Estate of Margaret Ellen Cantrell Jessop; Jacquelyne Gungor and husband; Ricky Curtis Dean, Jr. and wife; Connie Cochran Dean; Rodney Jerome Dean and wife to David Shue, Jr., $125,000

• Robert L. Hawks and wife to Louis J. Wojciechowski and wife, $180,000

• Dependable Development, Inc. to True Homes, LLC, $79,500

• James L. Gobble to Jimmie C. Childers, Jr., $20,000

• B & C Land Holdings, LLC to Dependable Development, Inc., 44 parcels $450,000

Cleveland Township

• Arden D. Goldfrey and spouse to Adam M. Hart, $133,500

• Von S. Fraley and wife to Lori Beth Fraley, $135,000

• BMS Investment Properties, LLC to Jordan Kevin Moffitt; Whitney Marie Hayer, $138,000

• Christopher McDaniel and wife to Jocelyn E. Martin; Deanna Spell McDaniel, $213,000

• Premier Seven Group, LLC to Blake A. Stiller and wife, $133,000

• James Pressley Mattox, Executor of the Betty P. Gregory Estate to Kim Markett Edmonds Taylor,  Franklin $120,000

• NML Properties, LLC to April Rhodes-Bruner, $79,000

• Kathleen T. Richards to David Dahl and wife, $217,000

Franklin Township

• Daniel F. Dagenhart and wife to Debra H. Meginnis, $364,000

• Amerihome Mortgage Company, LLC to 153 Capital, LLC, $58,500

• Thomas F. Young and wife to Elias T. Graham and wife, $215,000

Gold Hill Township

• Robert Anthony Thompson and wife to Donald Gene Vestal and wife, $110,000

• Claude A. Paris and wife; Matthew Christopher Arnold Paris and wife; Kimberly P. Love and husband to Chipper E. Thomas, $40,000

• Howard Glenn Henry and spouse to George Vrabel and spouse, $360,000

• Bank of America, N.A. to US Homeownership Foundation, Inc., $5,000

• Douglas M. Lesley and wife to Kevin M. Novak and wife, $165,000

• Steve L. Medlin and wife to  Mark Richard Dewey, $59,000

• Kevin M. Novak and wife to Sharon Eagle, $229,000

Litaker Township

• Alfred Archie Healey, Jr. and wife to Jacob Duke Hardy and wife, $205,500

• Robert L. Tilley Sr. and wife to Meredith C. Pugh and husband, $300,000

• Ronnie Hinson and wife; Regina F. Hinson; Paul W. Goodwin and wife to Philip Wayne Barnhardt and wife, $28,500

• Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, $81,500

• Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, National Association as Trustee for Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, $185,000

• W. Clint Abernathy and wife to Phillip R. Pope and wife, $220,000

• Doris P. Kluttz to Russell Rushing and spouse, $207,000

Locke Township

• Charles D. Morgan, Jr. and wife to Santos Menjivar, $25,000

• James Russell Honeycutt and wife to Francisco Bruno Guzman and wife, $105,000

• Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Maria Lidia Aguilar; Daniela Abigail Cardenas, $126,000

• William Lynn Sink and wife to Todd A. Rogers and wife, $300,000

• Duane Ray Smith and spouse to Mark P. O’Neill and spouse, 2 parcels $188,000

Morgan Township

• Rachel B. Lewis to Terry N. Hand, $70,000

• Mark Anthony Wallace to Daniel Jay Harris, $23,000

• Margaret H. Gordon to Hans Leighton Hinson, $51,000

• Margaret H. Gordon to Hans Leighton Hinson, $33,000

• Ronald Dean Boles; Tamara B. Boles Reynolds and husband to Bryan Shinn and wife, $26,000

• Evon Wages Pleasants to Kim L. Burwell and wife, $63,500

Providence Township

• Michael S. Bolick and wife to Darrell L. Norder and wife, $165,500

• Francella Y. Trueblood to David L. Eller and wife, $70,000

• Rodney L. Reavis to Justin Ryan Cagle and wife, $174,500

• Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A., $98,000

• Morrison Trustee Services, LLC to Sharonview Federal Credit Union, $54,000

• BMS Investment Properties, LLC to Cacie C. Basham, $173,500

• O. Wayne Peurifoy and wife to Michael P. Dorn and wife, $195,000

• Owens’ Masonry, Inc. to G. Edwin Belk and wife, $120,000

• Daliel L. Owens, Trustee under Daniel L. Owens Revocable Trust to G. Edwin Belk and wife, $380,000

• Edwin H. Ferguson, Jr. Trustee to Robert Honeycutt; Chardise Honeycutt, $150,000

• Built Green, Inc. to Cole Mills and wife, $299,000

• Thomas Allen Underwood and wife to Cody Neal Leland and wife, $157,000

• Bill Rainey Properties, LLC to Dacy Properties, LLC, $25,000

• Glenn Edward Miller and wife to Timothy W. Poole and wife, $12,000

Salisbury Township

• Built Green, Inc. to Jonathan Wesley Thomas and wife, $229,000

• Phyllis F. Sells to Abraham Isaias Hernandez Espinosa, $6,000

• Patricia Livengood Beaver and husband; David James Livengood and wife; Wayne Donald Livengood and wife to Brandon W. Livengood and wife, $50,000

• Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to U.S. Bank National Association as Trustee for BlueWater Investment Trust, $97,000

• Rowan/Kannapolis Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to Wisdom Realty, LLC,, $550,000

• Tommy L. Smith and wife to GT Properties of NC, Inc., $7,500

• Marc J. Pellegrini and wife to Alphonso W. Myers and Nancy H. Myers Revocable Living Trust, $70,500

• Michael S. Young and wife to Joshua David Musser Gritter and wife, $175,000

• R&R Lynch Investment Properties to Raeann Kline, $33,000

• Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to The Bank of New York Mellon, $81,000

• James Spencer Cook and wife to Holly M. Miskey, $305,000

• Robert and Beth Nance to Bradley McLawhorn; Angela McLawhorn, $75,000

• KTL2, LLC to Justin Lincoln and wife, $87,000

• Theodore R. Drain, Jr. to Demario Arnold, $20,000

• Competitive Sports Properties, LLC to Central Carolina Property Investments, LLC,, $675,000

• Caroline McCullar fka Caroline T. Kholos and husband to Kathryn P. Loan, $80,500

• Norma Earnhardt Talbert and husband; Mark Franklin Brandt and wife to Markey Brandt, $30,000

• Gary D. Hough and wife to Three Niner, LLC, $64,000

• Robert W. Nance and wife to Lavonia Ann Jones, $125,000

• Michael E. Ingold to Alyssa Gilmore; Amber Gilmore, $139,000

• Jose Israel Rosales and spouse to Nora Orellana, $87,000

• Terry Michael Battles, Jr. and wife to Solution Home Buyers, LLC, $15,000

• Solution Home Buyers, LLC to Marco Estrada, $19,000

• Andrea K. Lyerly and spouse; Sheila R. Evans to Dontea M. White, $137,000

• Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to US Bank National Association, $15,500

• Rupert Wade Deal and wife to Melissa A. Dean, $110,000

• Mario A. Sandoval and wife to Margaret Ann Johnson, $100,000

• Yetta Taylor to Cecil Matthew Phillips and wife, $119,000

• Jeanette B. Lassiter to Ron Fauconniere, $185,000

• Steve L. Medlin and wife to Joshua B. Hedrick and wife, 2 parcels $84,000

Scotch Irish Township

• Equity Trust Co., as Custodian for Brent D. Younts IRA to Scott Skeem and wife, $60,000

• Joshua G. Houghton and wife to Brian K. Nance, $250,000

Unity Township

• Donald Dwayne Heglar and wife to CMH Homes, Inc., $9,000

• Michael L. Hochberg and wife to Mary Frances Landesman, $297,500