Letter: To clarify a point on the parade

Published 6:49 pm Thursday, August 2, 2018

In my column in Thursday’s Post, I was not as articulate as I should have been.

I stand by my opinion that the Holiday Caravan organizers had the right to disallow the participation of the float in question and, more importantly, that harassment and personal threats are not the way to resolve conflicts.

What I neglected to include was my very firm belief that there is nothing about PFLAG that would not reflect the “mission, vision and values” of any organization, unless that organization values bigotry, discrimination and hatred more than it does love, grace and acceptance.

I hope whoever takes the reins of the holiday parade will ensure inclusivity, civility and participation by all.

— Karen South Jones



Joe Teeter’s recent letter to the editor should have said, “For many years, 80 percent AR-15 lower receivers have been readily available.” The editor incorrectly edited the sentence in Thursday’s paper.

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