Letter: Supreme Court in the balance

Published 10:50 pm Sunday, July 29, 2018

What is 5 to 4?

A time.

A final score in baseball, soccer, hockey.

A winning score in sports.

But it should not be a winner in the Supreme Court. This will soon change to 6-3 with Trump’s next appointment to the Supreme Court. If one justice out of nine can cast the deciding vote, what do we need the other eight for?

I don’t know how the Supreme Court voted on Trump’s ban on the Muslim countries, but did they get the view of the lower court judges that said Trump was wrong in banning the Muslims?

Why didn’t they act when Trump took children away from their parents with no plans to get them back together again? One judge should have recused himself because he was indebted to Trump for his appointment to the court.

— Walter M. Leather