Catherine Costello: Summertime

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2018

Catherine Costello

Summer time, fun in the sun time! Defined as beach bathing, lake lounging, amusement parks and the one thing they all have in common — water. When it’s hot we love cool water.

Come to think of it, when it’s cold we love hot water. We are water people. Yes, we are!

Water is life and it is refreshing, fun and also to be respected. Danger lies in the waters of the ocean: animals that can hurt us and currents that can sweep us out to sea. Lakes and pools, they too have their dangers; a day in the sun requires precautions.

No matter what we do, we must be aware of the details. Every action today has implications for tomorrow. And if we want tomorrow to be the best of times, there is work to be done today in anticipation. If we procrastinate today, then we won’t be ready for tomorrow and all the joy we hoped for.

Sunshine, water and life tomorrow all remind me of God’s great love and care for us. We are water, 98 percent water on a good day. Summer sunshine brings joy in the moment and that is good. Eternal Son shine is better… the best — because we can anticipate tomorrow with confidence, knowing Jesus is with us.

But there is still this thing we all have trouble with… procrastination. Putting off to another day what we know we should do, so we can indulge in a pleasure today.

I suppose there are people who never procrastinate, I just don’t know any of them. There is just too much to do and some of it is just not at all fun. Like cleaning house: I like it to be clean, but do I like it enough to run the vacuum, tackle the bathroom yuck and make those windows sparkling clean? Most days the answer is no. I just pick up enough to keep the chaos outside my walls. Still, it is one of my responsibilities to maintain our home.

Are we doing the same thing with our obligations to God? Just enough to get by? With any relationship there are things we need to do to keep the connection healthy. And don’t forget the things we must do out of respect. A day in the sun requires sun screen or you will be burnt. The sun has power to destroy you.

God has a whole lot more power! How are you respecting God? Do you avoid using his name foolishly, carelessly or profanely? Can you think of ways we as a culture disrespect God every day? And, I wonder, are you investing in your eternal future?

But I think we want more in our relationship with the Almighty than just not making him mad. We want His love, His approval and His blessings. That’s not a little thing, but God would be very happy to give it all to you.

Oh, but this is two-way, you have to give all to God: all your love and all your devotion. You must give God your thoughts, your prayers and your gratitude, every day. Not just an hour now and then in church, but every day. Not because you expected something in return like a child doing your chores, but because you want to be with God. He’s your best friend, the love of your life, your all-in-all. You can call on Jesus at three in the morning for help and He’s there for you. But remember, He wants to share in all the fun of your life, too.

So when you’re out there skiing on the lake, look up and exclaim, “What a great day God, thanks for the ride.” When your mouth waters for BBQ ask, “Care to join me Lord?” When you look up at the night sky before you turn to your bed, think of heaven. “God, you have blessed this day; you make the night to sparkle with delight. Thank you. I know tomorrow will be a good day. Good night Lord and bless you.”

Take time for the Son in every season of your life.

Catherine Costello is pastor at Ursinus UCC Rockwell

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