Letter: Supply donations and United Way help Communities in Schools

Published 7:17 pm Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Thanks to Rebecca Rider for the excellent coverage of the School Tools Drive soon to be underway. This event is sponsored locally by Communities In Schools of Rowan County and provides local individuals, churches, civic groups and businesses to support school children in need of basic school supplies.

CIS Rowan is especially appreciative of the year-round support of the community as evidenced through the United Way of Rowan County. The United Way of Rowan County makes it possible for our staff to attend to the needs of students in our nine member schools with a variety of support including improved attendance, behavior, classwork, and parent involvement.

The generosity of Rowan County is demonstrated clearly in our United Way.

— Dr. Ron Turbyfill


Turbyfill is executive director of Communities In Schools of Rowan County.