Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 22, 2018

Deeds issued from the Register of Deeds, John Brindle, late June through early July:

Atwell Township

Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to CountryPlace Mortgage Ltd., $65,000

James C. Myers to Garrett M. Raper and wife, $35,500

James C. Myers to Garry W. Raper and wife, $214,500

Thomas Walter Weber and wife to Norde D. Wilson and wife, $325,000

George S. Gable to Qwest Properties of the Carolinas LLC, $400,000

Tony Lynn Kluttz to Transformation Properties LLC, $44,500

First Troy SPE LLC to Christopher Krieg, $15,000

Foley Home Sales LLC to Nicholas B. Rabi and wife, $287,000


China Grove Township

Lumpy Gravy LLC to RRT-Caballero Gigante LL, $92,000

Jennifer Tucker Turnmire, individually and as executor of the Estate of Carl Edney Tucker, to Mitchell A. Jackson and wife, $8,000

Christina McLeod, fka Christina Elizabeth Bradshaw, and husband to Ronnie L. Smith and wife, $385,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to John Scott Yandle, $40,000

Craig Corriher and wife to Eric Corriher and wife, $150,000

Joel A. Lee and wife to Samuel E. DeAlmeida, $78,500

Debra Anglero and husband to Jeffery Allen Henderson Jr. and wife, $215,000

Terry L. Beaver and wife and Bobby Beaver and wife to Fatina Parham, $81,500

Patches Kaye Morris to Katherine Leigh Stewart, $108,000

True Homes LLC to Jill G. Rhodes and spouse, $193,000

Journey Capital LLC to Allison Savory, $199,000

True Homes LLC to Jacob Benjamin Earnhardt and spouse, $216,000

Journey Capital LLC to Justin Billingsley, $139,000

Anthony Warren Burkett, executor for the Estate of Gary Wayne Smith, to Michael Brandon Eaker, $146,000

William O. Hawkins to Juan Francisco Valle de Pax and spouse, $113,000

Patrick Martin and wife to OfferPad (SPB Borrower1) LLC $105,000

Asama M. Ahmed Abdelmalek Ahmed, aka Osama M. Ahmed Abdelmalck Ahm, and wife to John T. Sage Jr., $155,000

Kelsey Burzynski and husband to Renee M. Urbanczyk and husband, $170,000

Jatana E. Richardson to AB Property Rentals LLC, $60,000

Transformation Properties LLC to Viktoriya Petrova Busheva-Diaz $65,000

Johnny Cleveland and wife to Megan Cleveland, $80,000


Cleveland Township

Becky H. Middleton; Ralph James Hodgens and wife; Darryl Ernest Harrington and wife; Gina G. Dahiya and spouse; Lori G. Russell and wife, to Derek Alan Stirewalt, $128,500

Ruth J. Graham to Heather King Ramseur and husband, $160,000

Saga Auto Sales Inc. to Ali Darwich, $116,500

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Fifth Third Mortgage Co., two parcels $61,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to RRT-Landis LLC, three parcels $216,000

Piedmont Agrisystems Inc. to Drechsler Properties LLC, $8,000

Mark Edward Drechsler and wife to Drechsler Properties, $5,500

Piedmont Agrisystems Inc. to Drechsler Properties, LLC, $6,000

Christopher W. Johnson and wife to Christopher Ryan London, $126,000


Franklin Township

Lance Bowerman and wife to Elizabeth Karrie Cottraux and husband, $137,000

Ronald Eugene Hyde and wife to Jackie L. Sovde and wife, $171,000

Molly E. Yukica, individually and as executor of the Estate of Bonnie Loflin Earnhardt, and husband; Gregory Ellis Earnhardt and wife, to Charles R. Love, $165,000

Edwin H. Ferguson Jr. to Olga Lidia Yanez de Sanchez, $60,500

WNCVS LLC to Cheke LLC, $1,273,000

Roger Dale Myers and spouse to Heather Michelle Riffe, Clifford Lewis Riffe, $175,000

Marcia L. Miller and husband to Robert E. Smith and wife, $218,000

Strategic Enterprises LLC to Ozell Samuel Thompson III, $150,100

Jean M. Stirewalt and husband to Donald T. McDonald and wife, $138,000

Lyndia S. Heward, trustee, to Edwin O. Hall Sr. and wife, $165,000

Barbara Jean Mott to Frances L. Massey and husband, $118,500


Gold Hill Township

Duane Peka and wife to Dustin Lentz Corl and wife, $335,000

Donna R. Gross to Baili Wetmore Collins, $78,000

Chipper E. Thomas to Cameron L. Thomas, $45,000

Larry G. Powell III, trustee of the John M. Dwelle Sr. Revocable Trust, to J.B.Harrison Properties LLC, two parcels, $1,560,000


Litaker Township

Bradley Charles Bebber, executor of the Estate of Sammy Charles Bebber; Bradley Charles Bebber; Chad Lee Bebber and wife, to Glass Door Investments LLC, $52,000

David J. Steagall to Larry K. Neal Jr. and wife, $205,000

Cary D. Cline and wife to Porsche Louise Sims and husband, $127,000

Faynell Overcash Crowe to Cathy B. Dennis, Timothy James Overcash, $112,000

Todd Anson Basinger and wife; Andy Dean Basinger and wife, to Christopher W. Elliott and wife, $110,000

Amy A. Daniels to Larry K. Rutledge Jr. and wife, $40,000

Shapiro & Ingle LLP to Tarheel Property Group LLC, $33,000

BMS Investment Properties LLC to Joshua Marshall, $210,000

FW Southern LLC to Stephanie M. McHenry, $266,000

Rodney R. Brooks; Walter S. Radziszewski Jr. to Ryan T. Parsons, $256,500

Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Robert Lee Trexler Jr. and wife, $247,500

Elsie Mae Torrence Guy to Freddie M. Garrett, $6,000

US Bank, NA to Stevie B. Bell, $38,500


Locke Township

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Navegente, $23,000

Alan Gray McKinney and wife to James J. DeCoster, $155,000

Jerry E. Neuhaus and wife to Thomas J. Cross and wife, $279,000

Lynda K. Sloan to Becky T. McLaughlin, $80,000

Thomas Richard Williams III and wife to Cody Hanks and wife, $146,500

Rabon Properties 2 LLC to Brandon J. Mulligan and wife, $178,000

WJH LLC to Christina H. McLamb, $131,500

WJH LLC to Juan Lizarazo Sarmiento and spouse, $131,500

Shana Nicole Cauthen, fka Shana Cauthen McCain, to Michelle Stanley, $218,000

David Jose Uto Rivas and wife to Antonio Botello and wife, $40,000

Luke Schwarz to Ralph P. D’Ausilio, $118,000

Charley R. Foy and wife to Viorel Teodorovici and wife, $175,000

Larry Odell Jones and wife to Brian A. Morrow, $2,000


Morgan Township

Barry Lynn Hartman and wife to Andrew Benson Christenbury Sr., $24,000

Gray Stout and wife to Ted W. Vaughan and Susan A. Vaughan, trustees of the Revocable Trust of Ted W. Vaughan, $447,500


Mt. Ulla Township

American Land Corp.-Charlotte, Inc. to Richard G. Shutt and wife, $41,000


Providence Township

Freddie Henry Sides and wife to George F. Chappelle and wife, $315,000

Robert Lee Trexler Jr. and wife to Joseph Vaughn, $320,500

Eddie Richard McHone and wife to John E. Boydston and wife, $27,000


Salisbury Township

Buller River Development Partners LP to Tal Fishman, $205,500

Buller River Development Partners LP to Tal Fishman, $205,500

Buller River Development Partners LP to Tal Fishman, $205,500

Leap Property Group LLC to Adra B. Howell Bickley, Juanita Kerr, $88,000

John R. Shuler and Von C. Poston to Universal Matrix Group LLC, $500,000

Karen B. Rufty to Rusty A. Misenheimer and wife, $280,000

DCW Real Estate-Mint Hill LLC to Abraham Isaias Hernandez Espinosa, $37,500

Todd Littleton, individually and as co-executor of the Estate of Jeffrey W. Littleton, and wife; Jordan K. Littleton, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Estate of Jeffrey W. Littleton, to Steven Stewart Cobb, Brian J. Pfaff, $40,000

Historic Salisbury Foundation Inc. to Mirna Isabel PiƱeda and husband, $15,000

Jacob L. Barger to Deanna Kay Lancaster; Brandon Matthew Lancaster, $142,000

Sheelagh Marie Donaldson to John D. Speare, $80,000

Richards Property Investors LLC to William Cody Baxter; Madyson Clontz, $111,000

Andrew J. Abramson, substitute trustee, to Premier Federal Credit Union, $30,500

Kathryn R. Skalka, fka Kathryn Lea Reefe, and husband to Mona Gail Gourley Bertels, $250,000

Hugh T. Smith Jr. to Mario J. Arellano, $150,300

Sharon E. Jackson to Samuel Taylor Byars, $121,500

Douglas Uneberg and wife to Faye Lynn Moser and husband $180,000

James Allen Thompson and wife to Marcelo G. Menza and wife, $15,000

WJH LLC to Darlene Tobin, $148,000

Tina G. Daniels to Mitchell Pitman, Lloyd Allen Welter and wife, $210,000

Randy James Cress and wife to Teresa M. Frank, $67,000

Salisbury/Rowan Association of Realtors, Inc. to JLM Properties LLC, $131,000

Kenna B. Bayer, executor of the Estate of Kenneth A. Barnes, to Robert Dale Litaker and wife, $80,000

HSBC Bank USA NA to Main Street Investments LLC, $28,500

Triple W Industries LLC to Pier & Curtain Home Restoration LLC, $4,000

Edwin H. Ferguson Jr., trustee, to Kimberly Sykes $3,500

Tamra L. Pearce to David Alvarez and wife, $162,000

Jane E. Nussman to Anthony J. Saur, $77,000

Stephen R. Ritchie and wife; Paula R. Kadel, to Joshua C. Canup and wife, three parcels, $120,000


Scotch-Irish Township

Roger Phillip Ellenburg Jr. to Walter B. Waggoner, $15,000

Keith Edward Goins and wife to Lewis Todd Hansbrough, $263,500

Michael Petrea, executor of Carolyn Hellard Lewis Estate, to Stacey Suthin, $48,000


Unity Township

Homer W. Potts and wife to Department of Transportation, an agency of the State of North Carolina, $26,000


Unity and Scotch-Irish Townships

Travis L. Livengood and wife to Alicia Ennis Lemly, $65,000