Letter: Elections board meeting shows democracy in action

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 18, 2018

An hour well spent. I just attended the Rowan County Board of Elections meeting that would determine our options to cast votes during this November’s elections. Eight people from the public spoke, most of them informed and with data. Opinions ranged from no more investment (Craig Pierce), more voting locations are needed in far-ranging areas of the county, to weekend voting is essential. I was so impressed with the speakers who were armed with current data and also those who spoke their heartfelt opinion respectfully.

The board officers paid close attention. I witnessed small town democracy in action. Those opinions that had been expressed were taken into consideration. The participation of a few daring community members resulted in two Saturdays that the polls will be open.

North Carolina’s new voting restrictions have placed some difficult parameters for local boards to work within but that didn’t stop our representatives from “doing right” for the community.

I’m proud Rowan County spoke up and our representatives have listened.

Please make quick calls to your representatives to express your feelings, pay attention, and be sure to vote. Call the Board of Elections for an absentee ballot if you don’t have time to go to the polls or you have transportation challenges. Any resident can use an absentee ballot.

— Pat Murtaugh