Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 15, 2018

1. According to election finance reports, how much did Rowan Alliance spend in its May primary efforts against Craig Pierce and Jim Sides, who were Republican candidates for the Rowan County Board of Commissioners?

A. $5,121.50

B. $10,121.50

C. $25,121.50

D. $40,121.50

2. With the theme “Redesigning Our Future,” 31 students from various parts of the state and country attended a national summit this past week at Catawba College. What was this eighth annual gathering?

A. The National Political Science Summit

B. The National Theatre Summit

C. The National History Summit

D. The National Environmental Summit

3. Because of changes put forth in Senate Bill 325, the Rowan County Board of Elections and other boards of elections across the state will have to lengthen staff hours during the early voting period from Oct. 13-Nov.3. What will be the mandatory weekday operating hours for each one-stop voting site during this period?

A. 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

B. 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

C. 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

D. 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

4. Russ Roakes, a funeral director for Powles Staton Funeral Home, has been asked to participate in a service at Arlington National Cemetery for a Marine veteran who played a prominent role in what 1987 movie?

A. “Lethal Weapon’

B. “Full Metal Jacket”

C. “RoboCop”

D. “Fatal Attraction”

5. Queen’s Gifts, owned by Jane Crosby for the past 22 years, will be going out of business. Where did Queen’s, now on South Main Street, actually open as a Salisbury business in 1969?

A. In Spencer

B. In China Grove

C. On North Main Street

D. At the Rowan Mall

6. Salisbury native Jim Loeblein spoke this past week to a regional chapter of the Military Officers Association of America. What high military rank does Loeblein hold?

A. Sergeant major with the Marines

B. Rear admiral with the Navy

C. Brigadier general with the Army

D. Colonel with the Air Force

7. So far, it’s been pretty dry this summer, one of the driest on record. How much summer rainfall has Rowan County seen, according to measurements at Mid-Carolina Airport?

A. .68 inches

B. 1.14 inches

C. 4.78 inches

D. 6.88 inches

8. Rowan Museum held one of its summer camps this past week related to what era in Rowan County history?

A. The Civil War

B. The American Revolution

C. The Depression

D. World War II

9. The latest youth production by Piedmont Players Theatre debuted Thursday night at the Meroney, 213 S. Main St, and runs through July 21. What musical are the young performers doing?

A. “The Jungle Book”

B. “Cats”

C. “High School Musical 2”

D. “Grease”

10. Drew Powell led the Iowa Barnstormers to the Indoor Football League’s United Bowl championship. What is Powell’s connection to Rowan County?

A. His grandparents live here

B. He attended Salisbury High before relocating to Iowa during his sophomore year

C. He was an All-South Athletic Conference receiver for Catawba College

D. He was a 2016 graduate and four-year quarterback for Livingstone College


1. D.
2. D.
3. A.
4. B.
5. C.
6. B.
7. B.
8. A.
9. C.
10. D.