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Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 15, 2018

Responding to weakness*
Your partner has opened a weak 2 bid and it is now up to you to decide where to go next. First you must decide if you’re interested in a game (very seldom occurs) or if you have no interest. To have interest you need a good hand with 16 or more points. For you to bid, your hand must comply with the Rule of 17 that requires you have more than 17 points in your hand, including your high card points + the number of cards in partner’s suit. With more than 17 you can bid, but always be mindful of vulnerability and shape of your hand. To change suits and name your own, you need 5 cards in your suit, and your partner is forced to bid. He may not Pass. For you to bid 2NT, you aren’t necessarily making a NT bid, but are asking partner to further describe his hand. If you have no interest in game you may raise partner’s suit 1 level with 3 in his suit, or 2 levels with 4 in his suit. Once again, practice with your partner.
Our July 6 Evergreen game was well attended and hands challenging. Winning this game were: N/S 1st Carol Bachl and Judy Gealy, 2nd Pat Macon and Ron Caudle, 3rd Joe O’Brien and Ron Jeffers; E/W 1st Dick Brisbin and Pat Featherston, 2nd Toni Iossi and Judy Hurder, 3rd John and Myrnie McLaughlin; 1st N/S in B strat were Anita Graham and Wayne Pegram.
Featured is board 22 from Friday’s game. E/W vulnerable with East dealing

S Q 9 4
H 9 8 6 5
D A Q 5 2
C 7 6

WEST:           EAST:
S A T 8 6        S K J 7 5 2
H K J 2          H 4
D 9 8 7           D 6 4
C K T 8           C A 9 4 3 2

S 3
H A Q T 7 3
D K J T 3
C Q J 5

Carol Bachl and Judy Gealy set opponent’s 4SE 2 tricks for best N/S score while Margaret and Chuck Rimer bid 4SE* for the best E/W score.
July 10 Women’s Club game winners: N/S 1st Beth Shafer and Christy Cline, 2nd Ron Caudle and BettyBonner Steele, 3rd Dick Brisbin and Wayne Pegram; E/W 1st Lawana Ford and Patsy Reynolds, 2nd Judy Hurder and Myrnie McLaughlin, 3rd Margaret and Chuck Rimer.

*This article is a lesson taken from the Larry Cohen article, June 2018 Bridge Bulletin.

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