Landis town board passes animal ordinance

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 10, 2018

By Maggie Blackwell

For the Salisbury Post

LANDIS —  The Landis Board of Aldermen unanimously passed an animal ordinance Monday night after two residents spoke in favor of the measure.

A third suggested the town allow the state Department of Agriculture to enforce animal guidelines since tax money is already paying for the service, allowing the town to save money.

“If we’re going to let all these animals in town, make it where they must be kept up correctly,” said Nadine Cherry.

Tracy Lacks complained that her neighbors’ chickens run loose, and she has to deal with noisy, irritating, barking dogs.

The ordinance requires residents to register with the Division of Land Management to keep any livestock or domestic fowl. It also requires adequate shelter and specifies sizes and setbacks for the structures.

Fowl and rabbits are limited to four per quarter acre.

In other business, the board unanimously approved a public hearing for two separate voluntary annexation requests, both adjacent to the town limits.

The hearing will be held during the August meeting.

Alderman Bobby Brown read a proclamation honoring Rosella Ethelbert Caldwell on her 100th birthday.

The board approved closing a section of North Kimmons Street for Landis Baptist Church from 5:30 to 9 p.m. July 23-27. The closure is in conjunction with the church’s vacation Bible school.

In department remarks, Town Manager Reed Linn announced that Brandon Linn will assume ADA coordinator duties for the town effective today. He also addressed questions directed to him, the mayor and finance director about $100,000 for new Christmas lights in the recently passed budget.

Linn said the money would come from surplus funds from 2017-18, not from revenue from the tax increase planned for 2018-19. He also spoke to the likelihood that other expenses may arise and take precedence over the lights. The lights will only be purchased if the funding is available, he said.

Public Works Director Ron Miller spoke about the major storm that occurred last month. He thanked town workers who worked through the night and the next day to restore power and clean up fallen trees in a quick and efficient manner.

In Board remarks, Alderman Tony Corriher complained about the fireworks “better than at Charlotte Motor Speedway” going off in town on the Fourth. He called 911 but ultimately was told no charges would be filed unless there was damage to personal property. He asked for an ordinance on the issue.

In the public-comment period, Nadine Cherry brought up the issue of unpaid property taxes. She saw more than $250,000 total in delinquent taxes listed in the newspaper. If that were collected, a tax increase may not be necessary, she said.

Town Manager Linn and Town Attorney Rick Locklear explained the process of Rowan County being in charge of collections and participating in the N.C. Debt Setoff program.

L.A. Overcash said his home has had multiple plumbing problems since the town’s sewage backed up. His property has no clean-out valve at the main so he is unable to flush his system. Public Works Director Miller promised to call Overcash on Wednesday to straighten out his issues.

Ralph Lacks came back after expressing concerns at the June meeting. The issue of paving his road was not resolved after the last board meeting, he said, and he wants it solved. He brought paperwork and shared it with the town manager and attorney.

Madison Mahr, who lives on Taylor Street, said the corner of Taylor and Town is like a speedway, and she is afraid someone is going to be killed. She pled for speed bumps. She said there are 15 to 20 young children on the street who play outside.

Gail Hair discussed several issues, including a dead tree hanging over her property from a sewer right of way. The town had committed to cutting it down, she said, but it did not, so she had it taken down.

“Now you owe me $300,” she said.

The meeting was recessed for an executive session. No action was taken after the session, and the meeting was adjourned.